Mountain Bike Park-Tycoon Game

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inBikeTycoon-TrailRacing offers endless opportunities for mountain biking fans to become the ultimate mountain bike tycoon. Build and manage your own mountain bike park, design different trails for riders of different skill levels, and create a wonderful experience with various amenities like shower rooms, repair shops, and accessory stores. Hire service and management staff to keep the park running smoothly, manage your finances carefully to maximize your income, and enjoy extreme sports and collect achievements along the way. With immersive gameplay and stunning graphics, Mountain Bike Tycoon-Trail Racing is the perfect game for anyone who loves mountain biking and idle simulation games. Download now and start growing your own mountain bike park empire!

Features of the app:

- Trail Design: Users can design and create different trails according to various terrains. They can choose from different mountain bike modes such as downhill, enduro, and freeride, providing a diverse experience for riders.

- Facilities Management: The app allows users to manage various facilities in the park, including shower rooms, repair shops, drink shops, and restaurants. These facilities enhance the overall experience for riders and offer additional services.

- Amusement Facilities: Users can add additional amusement facilities like wingsuit flying, motocross training, and a western bar. These attractions not only draw more visitors but also add excitement and variety to the park.

- Staff Management: Users can hire service and management staff to ensure smooth park operations. Waiters, shop assistants, receptionists, cashiers, and coaches help provide high-quality service to visitors, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

- Finance and Investment: Proper financial management is crucial in the game. Users must set prices for different areas within the park, invest in constructing and designing new buildings and amenities, and balance expenses to maximize income and profitability.

- Extreme Sports and Achievements: In addition to managing the park, users can also engage in extreme sports activities. They can explore new trails, complete challenges, and collect achievements. Unlocking all five trails allows access to more complex terrains and the option to participate in other extreme sports like motorcycles and wingsuit flying.


Mountain Bike Tycoon-Trail Racing is an immersive simulation game that allows players to build and manage their own virtual mountain bike park. By offering a range of features such as trail design, facilities management, amusement facilities, staff management, finance and investment, and extreme sports, the game provides a comprehensive mountain biking experience. The visually appealing graphics and casual gameplay make it an attractive option for those who enjoy idle simulation and management games, as well as mountain biking enthusiasts. With strategic decision-making and careful resource management, players can grow their park into a profitable business and become the ultimate mountain bike tycoon.