Idle Ghost Girl: AFK RPG

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Introducing Idle Ghost Girl: AFK RPG Game! Immerse yourself in the memories of the world with spirits that light up the darkness and bring brightness to the darkened world. This idle RPG game grows on its own, allowing you to defeat various enemies and become stronger without even touching it. Choose from dozens of different spirits, including egg ghosts, well ghosts, and nine-tailed foxes, each with their own unique personalities and high-quality illustrations. Experience gorgeous and cool skills and hit sensations, with beautiful visuals and overwhelming scale. Meet cute 3D spirits and join the official community for updates and support. Download now and embark on an exciting adventure with the ghost girl!

Features of Idle Ghost Girl: AFK RPG:

- Idle RPG gameplay: The app allows players to enjoy an Idle RPG experience where their character grows stronger even without any user interaction. They can defeat various enemies and become powerful.

- Variety of spirits: The app offers dozens of different spirits for players to choose from. These spirits include egg ghosts, well ghosts, and nine-tailed foxes among others. Each spirit has its own unique personality and high-quality illustrations.

- Gorgeous skills and hitting sensation: The app features beautiful visuals and stunning scale. Players can be fascinated by each spirit's unique ultimate skill, which adds excitement to the gameplay.

- Cute 3D graphics: All the spirits in the app are designed in detailed 3D, giving them a cute and attractive appearance. The app provides a visually pleasing experience for the players.

- Official Community Channel: The app offers an official community channel where players can engage with other users and get updates about the game. They can join the official lounge, visit the official Facebook page, or follow the official Twitter account.

- Access permission information: When using the app, the user may be requested to grant access permissions such as Photo/Media/File Storage for saving game installation files and updating files, and Camera for taking photos and uploading videos. The app provides information on how to revoke access rights if desired.


Idle Ghost Girl: AFK RPG Game is a captivating Idle RPG app that offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience. With a variety of spirits to choose from, stunning visuals, and cute 3D graphics, the app is sure to attract players. The official community channel provides a platform for users to connect and stay updated. Overall, this app promises an enjoyable gaming experience for users who are interested in the Idle RPG genre.