Dig Tycoon

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Introducing Dig Tycoon - Idle Game, a captivating game where you can build your own city by controlling various machines and completing tasks. If you're tired of action or survival games, this idle-themed game offers a new experience. Manage and supervise machines to start your business and construct buildings in the most realistic way possible. With extremely simple controls, you can easily command devices to work. Expand your work, hire more personnel, and earn extra coins to support your growing empire. Collect profits to refurbish unique buildings and become the richest boss in this engaging game. Download Dig Tycoon - Idle Game now for an immersive and fulfilling gaming experience.

Features of Dig Tycoon:

- Control various machines and perform tasks: Players can control different machines and equipment to complete tasks and build their own new city.

- Idle theme: The game provides a new experience for those tired of action or survival games. Players can enjoy managing and organizing everything in the game.

- Simple operations: The game has extremely simple operations, making it easy for users to command the devices and start working.

- Expand work and hire more personnel: Players have the opportunity to become the wealthiest manager in the game. They can expand their area, buy various tools, and hire more workers to support their work.

- Earn extra coins and collect profit store: By completing tasks of varying levels, players can earn extra coins and collect profit to refurbish their unique buildings.


Dig Tycoon offers a unique and immersive experience with its idle theme and realistic graphics. Players can enjoy controlling machines, completing tasks, and building their own city. The simple operations make it easy for users to navigate the game, while the option to expand work and hire more personnel adds depth and complexity. The ability to earn extra coins and collect profit store adds a sense of progression and achievement. Overall, Dig Tycoon is a captivating and enjoyable app for users looking for a new gaming experience.



  • Simply joyful and catchy. Completely boyish, jocular, readily conducive and spontaneously pleasurable game. The instantly prepared and delivered soon thereafter, the temptingly clear-cut, visualized experience part included inside the action of on-screen display of great sum of money like meals served out at fast food restaurant allows us to appreciate and praise something straightaway laudable and fanciful for bevity of use. The miniature sized formation gets the sight of the objects obscúred.
    2024-04-02 13:36:49
  • I like lil idle time waster games, it helps me rewind but like others I have noticed the problem with the game kinda breaking after you reset. I look forward to whatever future updates you have that will hopefully fix it.
    2024-04-02 05:20:39
  • This was a pretty good game until it started glitching.my level cant go up and im stuck on level 0,and on top of that the dumptrucks that build the city wont come out of the garage and build anymore.other than that would play
    2024-04-02 03:17:04
  • The game intro is racist, the concept is fun but there is ads after every single level up even after not choosing a double award. The ads of games force open the play store.
    2024-04-01 23:52:45
  • I prestiged three times and nothing changed at all. Even with the new update and a little story there still isn't much in terms of actual progression at all.
    2024-04-01 06:22:05
  • The game intro is racist, the concept is fun but there is ads after every single level up even after not choosing a double award. The ads of games force open the play store.
    2024-03-31 12:13:42