Bus DJ Oleng Simulator

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Bus DJ Oleng Simulator is a thrilling simulation game that allows you to experience the electrifying world of bus driving combined with DJ music. As a bus driver, you must navigate through the pulsating beats and avoid obstacles on the road, all while maintaining high speeds. The game offers addictive gameplay and stunning graphics that immerse you in a realistic environment, whether it's city streets or mountainous terrain. Additionally, you can enjoy a variety of DJ music tracks that play throughout your journey, creating a unique driving experience. Compete with friends in multiplayer mode and customize your bus to enhance your performance. Whether you're a DJ enthusiast or a fan of public transportation simulation games, Bus DJ Oleng is a must-download. Get behind the wheel now and let the DJ guide your exhilarating ride!

Features of this App:

- Bus Driving Simulation: This app offers a realistic and immersive bus driving simulation experience. Users can feel like they are actually driving a bus on the road.

- DJ Music Integration: The app combines the bus driving experience with DJ music, creating a unique and exciting atmosphere. Users will enjoy driving to the beats of the music and feeling the energy.

- Realistic Graphics: The game features detailed and stunning graphics, including realistic environments such as roads, cities, and forest landscapes. Every detail is designed to enhance the overall experience and make it feel more lifelike.

- Variety of DJ Music: The app provides a wide selection of DJ music options, which can be played and enjoyed throughout the bus journey. Users can choose their preferred music and create their own playlist for a personalized experience.

- Multiplayer Mode: Users can play the game in multiplayer mode, allowing them to race and compete with friends. This adds an exciting and competitive element to the gameplay, as users can compare their scores and strive to become the ultimate champion.

- Customization Options: The app offers various bus customization options, allowing users to choose different types of buses, modify their appearance, and improve their performance. This feature adds a sense of personalization and allows users to create their ideal bus.


BusDJOleng is an engaging and thrilling app that combines the excitement of bus driving with the energy of DJ music. It is highly recommended for DJ enthusiasts and fans of public transportation simulation games. With its realistic graphics, multiplayer mode, and customization options, users will have a truly immersive and unforgettable experience. Download and play BusDJOleng now to embark on an unforgettable bus driving journey with DJ music as your guide!



  • Game is good and the buses petrol system is not good
    2024-04-08 16:46:46
  • AMAN
    2024-03-29 13:24:10