Episode Boys Love: Choices BL

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Introducing an immersive and thrilling game that will sweep you off your feet! Episode Boys Love: Choices BL is the ultimate Otome BL experience, where yaoi and yuri combine in a dramatic visual novel format. Get ready to shape Akihiko's fate and personality as you make choices that determine the outcome of his passionate and romantic journey. In this episode-based game, you'll embark on Akihiko's first BL love after an encounter with a stunning man who magically transforms into a cat! Unravel the mystery, navigate your emotions, and unveil your true self. With multiple endings, character customization, and inclusive love stories, this game promises endless excitement. Are you ready for a love triangle or polyamorous love options? Explore the special dreams section with its lustful, slightly scary, and psychedelic dreams. Whether you adore Otome, yaoi, and yuri games, crave interactive stories with romance choices, or thrive on visual novels filled with passion and drama, it is a must-play! Join our growing community now and be part of this extraordinary experience.

Features of Episode Boys Love: Choices BL:

⭐️ Engaging Otome BL game: It offers an engaging and exciting gameplay experience, combining the popular genres of otome (romance games targeted towards women) and BL (boys love) in a thrilling visual novel format.

⭐️ Multiple endings based on choices: The game allows users to make decisions that shape the protagonist's fate and personality, leading to different outcomes and endings. This feature adds replay value and keeps the gameplay unpredictable.

⭐️ Character customization: Players can personalize the protagonist's appearance by selecting different outfits and hairstyles, making the gaming experience more immersive and allowing them to truly create a character that represents them.

⭐️ Inclusive love stories and characters: It embraces diversity by featuring inclusive love stories and a variety of characters. Players can explore different romantic relationships, including love triangles and polyamorous options, creating a game that caters to diverse preferences and experiences.

⭐️ Special dreams section: The game offers a unique dreams section, providing players with lustful, slightly scary, and psychedelic dreams. This adds an additional layer of excitement and intrigue to the gameplay, inviting users to dive deeper into the story.

⭐️ Supported languages: The app supports multiple languages, including English, Ukrainian, Spanish, and German, with more languages to be added in the future. This ensures that players from different regions can enjoy the game in their preferred language.

In conclusion, Episode Boys Love: Choices BL is a captivating Otome BL game that offers a dynamic and interactive experience. With its multiple endings, character customization, inclusive love stories, special dreams section, and support for different languages, this game promises an enjoyable and immersive journey filled with romance, passion, and drama. Join our growing community and experience the thrill for yourself. Click to download now!



  • So far it's pretty fun and there's no ads that come out of nowhere!. I do feel like when I want to choose a certain option but it costs diamonds it should be a little cheaper but over all it's fun to play and the characters are hot asf
    2024-03-30 17:07:13
  • Fun and romantic. Just wish we didn't have to earn gems to reveal interesting parts of the stories.
    2024-03-30 17:03:29
  • This game was good, but sadly I'll have to rate it three stars. It was genuinely really nice, but in the end I couldn't get together with anyone. (I wanted to be with Ian by the way)It was kinda frustrating to play this whole game and not date the person I wanted to at the end. Aswell, there were options I wanted in the game but I needed to pay for them with gems. (Which is fine but a tad bit annoying) Overall a nice ending, but I would've much preferred if I could've got together with someone.
    2024-03-30 09:00:25
  • I am giving 3 stars because i think this is a rip off of another game.. second is because of the grammar.. certain scenes i had to read several times to understand the content. Other than that it just needed to be longer... and definitely more x-rated.. I definitely wanted several sex scenes.
    2024-03-29 23:10:15
  • No words honestly this game was amazing. I loved the story as much as the characters and art style. I may have even gotten addict as even after finishing a route I also wanted to see the others and restarted so many times. I hope for more awesome games like this to keep me busy when I'm bored lol.
    2024-03-29 11:41:10
  • An amazing game! I enjoyed playing it and it's not too hard to get gems for special options. The special options are well worth it and make for a better ending. Personally, I only chose the special events for one charcter but you can do them all if you want. Overall, I would definitely recommend!
    2024-03-29 02:57:59