Dog Town: Puppy Pet Shop Games

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Welcome to Dog Town, the ultimate app for dog lovers! Start your own virtual dog town by breeding and collecting adorable dogs. Train your puppies and teach them new tricks, then send them off on quests and funny adventures. Take care of your dogs just like in real life - pet them, wash them, groom them, and feed them. Explore the cute puppy town with its unique pet story and training feature. Customize and decorate your dog's living spaces with hundreds of decorations. Collect over 100 different dog breeds and watch them grow stronger after training. Download it now and start having fun with these lovable pets!

Features of Dog Town: Puppy Pet Shop Games:

- Breeding and collecting dogs: Start your own Dog Town by breeding and collecting dogs.

- Dog training: Train your dogs and teach them new tricks with the new training feature.

- Quests and adventures: Send your trained dogs to quests and funny adventures.

- Puppy care: Take care of cute puppies by petting, washing, grooming, and feeding them.

- Customization: Customize the rooms where your dogs live with hundreds of decorations from the virtual store.

- Dog collection: Collect over 100 different dog breeds and expand your collection with each update.


If you've always wanted to adopt pets, play with puppies and dogs, and experience the joy of training and taking care of animals, Dog Town is the perfect app for you. With its realistic 3D environment and lifelike behavior of the dogs, you'll feel an emotional connection with your virtual pets. The app offers a wide variety of features, including breeding, training, questing, and customization, ensuring hours of fun and entertainment. Download now and start having fun with these cute pets in your own Dog Town!



  • Very adorable game, but hugely disappointing that even if you unlock and upgrade every room, there's still not enough slots to actually collect all of the dogs. For me, that's a major flaw that actually impacts how happy I am playing it. If they ever correct this, I would definitely rate it higher.
    2024-03-29 10:46:44
  • Complely useless. I can't get past the tutorial. Nothing the arrows point to works and the game won't let you click on anything but the tutorial arrows. So every time I open the game it is just locked in one place. Complete waste of time.
    2024-03-29 04:26:49
  • Game just doesn't open anymore randomly Tried restarting phone, uninstalling game, and everything comes up the same. Additionally, there is so many ads it takes you 30 minutes to complete a task whereas in similar apps will take you 5 minutes. There's potential but it's lacking right now.
    2024-03-28 16:36:58
  • At first this game was kind of fun. Loading times were slow, but the idea and dogs were cute. There were plenty of opportunities to gain bonuses through watching ads. Now, however, it automatically plays an ad after nearly every action you take, making it unplayable.
    2024-03-28 13:57:20
  • It is super fun and relaxing. I love collecting new dog and seeing all the different breeds! I know that there is already 99 different dogs that you can collect but I think that they should add more. And also make it just a bit easier to get ⭐⭐⭐⭐ dogs. I very very very much recommend this game to however loves dogs and animals!!!
    2024-03-28 07:53:25
  • If I could put zero stars I would. It looked like a really cute game to try so I downloaded it. I tried to play it several times and I was not able to play it once at all. All it did was lag, glitch, freeze, and kick me out of the game. So uninstalled! Disappointed
    2024-03-27 15:44:01