Space Colonizers - the Sandbox

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Welcome to Space Colonizers - the Sandbox, a thrilling simulation and strategy game where you have the power to rebuild planets for homeless aliens! After a devastating explosion, all planets in this galaxy are destroyed, and it's up to you to create new homes for the aliens. Collect resources, unlock environments, and seek microbiology to construct more planets. The aliens will assist you in this mission, and you can even accelerate the process with a space station. Don't forget to explore with your spaceship to gather more fuel! Download Galaxy Builder now and embark on an out-of-this-world adventure!

App Features:

- Space Construction Theme: Immerse yourself in a captivating simulation and strategy game set in the vast universe, where you can build planets for homeless aliens.

- Reconstruct Home for Aliens: Explore a galaxy devastated by an explosion and take on the mission to rebuild planets for the aliens. Collect resources, unlock environments, and seek microbiology to construct more planets.

- Idle Gameplay: Enjoy an easy and addictive gameplay experience where you can collect resources even when you're offline. Your progress continues even when you're not actively playing.

- Essential Resource Management: Learn about the vital resources needed for life as you gather them to construct planets. Strategize and optimize your resource collection to maximize your planet-building capabilities.

- Alien Cards and Construction Speed: Unlock numerous alien cards that not only add variety to the game but also accelerate the construction speed. Utilize these cards to build planets faster and more efficiently.

- Space Station and Mining: Utilize a space station to speed up the planet-building process. Upgrade your spaceship and engage in mining activities to gather more resources and fuel for the space station.


Embark on an exciting journey in this space construction simulation game, where you can rebuild planets for homeless aliens. With its idle gameplay mechanics, you can collect resources even when you're offline, ensuring continuous progress. Unlock alien cards, utilize a space station, and engage in mining activities to accelerate the planet-building process. Discover the essential resources for life and strategize your resource management to construct more planets. Download now and join the mission to create a new home for the aliens in this captivating space adventure.



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