Lost Life 2

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Shikstoo Games
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Lost Life 2 APK is a captivating interactive simulation game produced by Shikstoo Games, a dedicated game publisher. Dive into the world of our lonely female protagonist and bring joy back into her life. With a variety of fun actions, expressions, and entertaining mini-games, you'll discover endless possibilities to make her happier than ever. Give her gifts, feed her delicious food, and dress her up in beautiful outfits. Engage in diverse gameplay modes, including single-player mode where you make life decisions, a story mode with exciting tasks, and a multiplayer mode to play with online players worldwide. Enjoy stunning graphics, simple controls, and multi-language support. Explore the intriguing world of Lost Life 2 and unlock unforgettable moments on your Android device. Follow us for more fantastic games!

Features of Lost Life 2:

❤️ Multiple ways to create happiness: The app allows you to be creative and make the main character happier by giving her gifts, feeding her delicious food, and buying new outfits.

❤️ Diverse gameplay modes: The app offers different gameplay modes including single player mode, story mode, and multiplayer mode, allowing you to create your own life, complete tasks, and play with other online players from around the world.

❤️ New fashion: Female gamers will love the wide range of outfits and styles available in the app, unlocking new possibilities and enhancing the gameplay experience.

❤️ Graphics and easy controls: The app boasts stunning graphics and simple controls, providing a visually appealing experience similar to famous anime films.

❤️ Multi-language support: The app supports three different languages - Russian, Indonesian, and English, ensuring that players everywhere can easily enjoy the game.

❤️ Freedom of action: The app allows you to freely act in your own style, but be cautious as your actions can lead to unintended consequences.


Lost Life 2 APK is an interesting and entertaining simulation game that combines simulation elements with interactive gameplay. With multiple ways to create happiness, diverse gameplay modes, new fashion options, stunning graphics, easy controls, multi-language support, and freedom of action, this app promises to provide exciting and highly enjoyable moments on your Android device. Experience the strange world of Lost Life 2 and discover other fantastic games by following us. Click to download now and start your adventure!