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The Bus Company Simulator Assistant is a must-have app for all OMSI 2 players. With the app, you can easily keep track of important information like speed, temperature, time, and delay while on your journey. You also have the power to control the doors, the IBIS, and even ticket sales right from your phone or tablet. For multiplayer mode, the app offers additional functions such as cancelling shifts, chatting with other players, and viewing account statements. Plus, you'll receive personalized statistics like driving hours and most used buses, as well as global live statistics about the number of buses in use and their average delay. Download now and enhance your OMSI 2 experience!

Features of Bus Company Simulator Assistan:

⭐️ Information during the trip: The app provides you with important information such as speed, temperature, time, and delay, so you can stay updated while on your journey in OMSI.

⭐️ Door and IBIS control: With this app, you have the convenience of controlling the doors and IBIS (Integrated Board Information System) from your Android or iOS device, making it easier and more efficient to operate.

⭐️ Ticket sale: You can sell tickets directly through the app, eliminating the need for manual ticket sales. This feature enhances the overall experience for both the driver and the passengers.

⭐️ Cancel shifts: The app allows you to cancel shifts spontaneously, giving you more flexibility and control over your schedule. This is particularly useful in the Bus Company Simulator Multiplayer mode.

⭐️ Chat & mails: Stay connected with other players in the company by using the chat function, or send and receive messages via the mailbox. This feature promotes communication and collaboration within the gaming community.

⭐️ Statistics and Notice Board: Get access to new personal statistics, such as the number of driving hours and the most used buses and maps. Additionally, you can view global live statistics about the number of buses currently in use and their average delay. Stay informed and track your progress in the game.

In conclusion, the Bus Company Simulator Assistant App offers an array of useful features that enhance the overall gaming experience in OMSI. From providing real-time information and control over doors and IBIS to facilitating ticket sales and offering various communication options, the app brings convenience and efficiency to your virtual bus company. With additional features like personal statistics and global live statistics, this app is a valuable companion for any OMSI player. Download now to take your simulation game to the next level!



  • cant downlod it on a compotert
    2024-02-06 15:06:28
  • acsess denied
    2024-02-06 06:34:23
  • Why do I need to log in when I don't Evan have an account
    2024-02-05 14:46:47
  • Worst
    2024-02-05 11:03:08
  • I don't have an account and I can't sign up
    2024-02-04 13:05:23
  • Good and the grathics were good
    2024-02-03 09:12:08