Idle Slaughter Inc

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Welcome to the Idle Slaughter Inc app, where you can build and manage your very own thriving slaughterhouse specializing in high-quality beef. With a relaxing idle mechanic, you can sit back and earn passive income while efficiently running your factory. Start by procuring excellent beef and nurturing the cattle to perfection. Upgrade your farm, hire cowboys, and even automate the production chain with machines. Expand your empire by incorporating beef into cooking recipes and designing your slaughterhouse with creativity. Download the Slaughter House app now and become the richest boss in the slaughterhouse empire!

Features of Idle Slaughter Inc App:

- Establish and manage a thriving slaughterhouse: Start your own slaughterhouse specializing in high-quality beef and experience the excitement of running a successful business.

- Relaxing idle mechanic: Enjoy the flexibility of managing your factory while earning passive income. Sit back and watch as your income grows without constant active involvement.

- Raise and nurture calves: Create an excellent source of meat by raising and nurturing calves with various nutrients and resources. Upgrade your farm to increase production rates and hire cowboys to enhance the effectiveness of raising cows.

- Procure meat with advanced technology: Upgrade your staff and gradually replace them with machines to improve productivity and reduce labor costs. Access a new upgrade system that maximizes efficiency by transitioning from human to machine labor.

- Automate the factory with idle elements: Initially, you'll need to manually interact with every feature in the production chain. However, as you progress, you can assign managers to automate specific machines or phases, allowing you to relax and earn income while the factory operates on its own.

- Apply new cooking recipes for increased income: Manage a food court and incorporate beef into your cooking to boost overall income and consumption. Unlock new recipes through a research system and sell the products to enhance the factory's fame, income, and quality.


In this uncomplicated and casual simulation game, you have the opportunity to build and expand your own automated slaughterhouse empire. With a relaxing idle mechanic, you can manage your factory with ease while earning passive income. Raise and nurture calves, upgrade your farm, and hire cowboys to maximize meat production. Upgrade your staff to machines and automate the factory for increased productivity. Incorporate beef into your cooking, unlock new recipes, and enhance your overall income. With the ability to design and decorate your empire, the possibilities are endless. Download now and become the richest boss in the slaughterhouse empire!