Demon Sword: Idle RPG

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Introducing Demon Sword: Idle RPG, an engaging Oriental Idle RPG that will captivate players with its thrilling storyline and stunning visuals. The Grim Reaper Lord sets out on a dangerous quest to obtain the legendary Demon Sword, a weapon rumored to possess immense power. His underlings search for it, going to great lengths to eliminate anyone who knows about its existence. However, the main character, determined to stop them, faces a tragic fate. But hope is not lost, as the Demon Sword, known as the Black Dragon, resurrects him, albeit with a steep price – the blood of demons and humans. Train your swordsman to become the ultimate warrior by mastering various martial skills and equipping powerful gear. Acquire treasures and enhance them to unlock endless potential for your character. Challenge elemental bosses, exploit their weaknesses, and rise to the top of the ranking system. Communicate with other players through the chat feature and reap rewards by conquering stages and dungeons. Plus, even when you're offline, the game's unique offline rewards system ensures that you continue to grow stronger. Get ready for an exhilarating adventure in the world of Demon Sword: Idle RPG!

Features of Demon Sword: Idle RPG:

- Oriental Idle RPG: Immerse yourself in a captivating Eastern-themed idle RPG experience.

- Train Your Swordsman: Develop your own powerful swordsman by acquiring martial skills and combining various equipment.

- Enhance Treasures: Obtain valuable treasures and enhance them to boost your character's power indefinitely.

- Challenge Elemental Bosses: Take on formidable elemental bosses by strengthening your elemental abilities and exploiting their weaknesses.

- Clear Stages and Dungeons: Earn rewards by successfully completing stage mode and dungeons.

- Ranking System and Chat: Engage in friendly competition with other players through the ranking system and communicate with them using the in-app chat feature.


Unlock the secrets of Demon Sword: Idle RPG and embark on an epic journey in this Oriental Idle RPG. Train your swordsman, acquire powerful treasures, and challenge fearsome bosses to prove your might. With offline rewards and a vibrant community, enhance your character even while offline and connect with fellow players. Embrace the allure of the Orient and download now for an immersive and rnthralling gaming experience.