MARVEL Strike Force

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Join the ultimate battle to save Earth in MARVEL Strike Force! This action-packed, turn-based RPG game allows you to team up with both allies and arch-rivals as you defend our planet from an imminent assault. Assemble the most powerful squad of MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains, including fan-favorites like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Deadpool. Customize your characters, outfitting them with state-of-the-art gear and upgrading their abilities to unleash their full potential. Choose your team wisely and strategize your moves in epic 5v5 battles, where synergies between heroes and villains can make all the difference. Prepare for a thrilling journey through the multiverse and dominate the Marvel Universe in this top RPG game!

Features of MARVEL Strike Force:

- Battle alongside allies and arch-rivals: Experience thrilling combat as you team up with both Super Heroes and Super Villains to defend Earth from an impending assault.

- Assemble your ultimate squad of MARVEL characters: Create a powerful RPG squad by selecting iconic characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, and more. Unleash their unique abilities and skills to overcome any challenge.

- Mix and match characters for an unparalleled experience: Explore the vast multiverse and choose from a wide range of MARVEL characters to form your squad. Create unexpected synergies and combinations for a fresh and exciting gameplay.

- Outfit and upgrade your heroes: Enhance the strength of your Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains by equipping them with powerful gear and upgrading their abilities. Unlock their full potential and become an unstoppable force.

- Strategic domination in battles: Every decision matters as you strategically pair up heroes and villains in squads to unleash devastating synergies. Utilize RPG fight tactics during intense 5v5 battles and defeat the greatest villains from the Marvel Universe.

- Free-to-play turn-based RPG: Enjoy all the action-packed adventure without any cost. Immerse yourself in the world of Marvel and embark on an epic journey to save the universe.


Join the MARVEL Strike Force and experience the ultimate RPG game on your phone or tablet. Assemble a squad of your favorite MARVEL characters, upgrade their powers, and strategically dominate battles. With its thrilling combat, strategic gameplay, and an ever-expanding roster of heroes and villains, this free-to-play game offers an unparalleled experience in the Marvel Universe. Unleash your inner hero and download MARVEL Strike Force now!



  • A fun game that has become more and more frustrating every year. The single-player modes are still great, and I love the variety of characters. But all the various PVP modes have become unplayable. To keep things "competitive," the game developers continually create newer, grossly overpowered characters, making any characters more than 90 days old useless. You're not playing against other people, you're playing against the game developers, and they've already decided you lose.
    2024-06-10 20:06:34
  • I just started playing today and just achieved Level 10. Grapics are great, and I really like the variety of play areas along with multiple items earned to use to strengthen your heroes/villians with. I will edit this review and say more once I have played for a much longer period of time.
    2024-06-10 17:36:45
  • I've been enjoying this game for awhile now. It's a good mobile game but it's servers unbalanced. The xtreme xmen team can defeat almost every other team without challenge. Extremely OP and it ruins the game. Once you get past lvl 50 on arena it's just people with the xtreme xmen team and that makes it xtremely boring.
    2024-06-10 09:42:11
  • Great game, a great combo, in system. Great story and even great graphics. And it's the only game that does have a battle pass, but it's not paid to win. You just pay to get the extra rewards and sub rewards, so it's basically the greatest game ever.
    2024-06-10 03:39:43
  • The 10 -20 minute initial load time regardless of how powerful the internet connection is is absolutely annoying. Equally annoying is the constant "Anomaly Detected Restart Required" and "Internet Connection Lost" makes no sense when I have full bars on my WiFi and data connection.
    2024-06-09 08:19:45
  • I have decreased my rating based on bugs AGAIN. There are still way too many bugs in this game, considering the time or money they want you to put into it! Also, the Web store has been broken for me for days, which means the rewards they force you to collect on there, I have missed out on. Dont get me started on the lies that were told about the upcoming legendary event. Yes, new players, the devs LIE to you! So, thanks for the 'world class' experience!
    2024-06-07 19:01:37