Bulu Monster

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Embark on a thrilling adventure with Bulu Monster, the ultimate monster collecting game on Android. Unleash your inner monster trainer as you explore the magical Bulu Island and discover over 150 unique and exciting monsters. Unlike other monster games, Bulu Monster puts you in complete control, allowing you to capture, train, and even fight alongside your monsters. Engage with friends and online trainers, challenging them to epic battles. With its high quality animation, captivating storyline, and the ability to play both online and offline, Bulu Monster offers a truly exhilarating and versatile gaming experience. Download for free now and become the ultimate monster master.

Features of Bulu Monster:

> Monster collecting - The app allows users to discover, capture, fight, and train 150 different monsters, providing a fun and engaging gameplay experience.

> Online multiplayer - Users can engage with friends and other trainers online, challenging them to battles and competitions, adding a social aspect to the game.

> High-quality animation and storyline - The app features high-quality animation and an adventurous storyline, enhancing the immersive and exciting gameplay.

> Offline play - Unlike many other games, Bulu Monster can be played both online and offline, allowing users to enjoy the game even without an internet connection, making it more convenient and versatile.

> One-hand touch control - The app offers a one-hand touch control feature, eliminating the need for a joystick and providing a seamless and user-friendly gaming experience.

> Online shop and forum - Users can access a special online shop that offers exclusive purchase items and discounts. They can also read feedback from other users and engage with other competitors through the online forum.


Bulu Monster is an engaging and immersive monster collecting game that sets itself apart from other similar games in the market. With its extensive collection of monsters, online multiplayer feature, high-quality animation and storyline, offline play option, one-hand touch control, and access to an online shop and forum, the app offers a unique and versatile gaming experience. Download Bulu Monster now and embark on an exciting adventure on Bulu Island!