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Step into the world of Hustle Castle, where you can fulfill your medieval fantasy of becoming the lord and master of your very own castle! This exciting RPG game allows you to embark on thrilling adventures, battling fierce creatures like orcs, giants, skeletons, and even dragons. With a story-driven campaign and countless missions, you'll be fully immersed in a world of magic, strategy, and epic battles. But it's not just about fighting – you also have the opportunity to build and upgrade your castle, train your villagers in various skills, and even engage in multiplayer co-op gameplay. So get ready to conquer kingdoms, train warriors, and create the ultimate medieval empire in this highly addictive mobile game that has captivated millions of players worldwide!

Features of Hustle Castle:

> Story-driven RPG campaign: Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure filled with battles against orcs, giants, skeletons, and even dragons. Use magic, weapons, and clever strategies to conquer your foes.

> Build your dream castle: Create your own stronghold by constructing and upgrading various rooms. Customize your castle to your liking and make it a majestic fortress.

> Train your villagers: Teach your dwellers new skills and equip them with powerful gear. Train mighty warriors and skilled scribes who can contribute to your kingdom's growth and success.

> Co-op gameplay: Team up with a friend or a random player to explore mysterious dungeons and search for valuable treasures. Collaborate to overcome challenges and reap the rewards.

> Multiplayer experience: Engage in epic battles and raids to burn and plunder the kingdoms of your enemies. Show your dominance and become a wealthy and influential ruler.

> Expand your dynasty: Create a dating room and watch your dwellers form relationships and have children who will eventually grow up to serve your kingdom. Build a legacy and shape the future of your realm.


Join the millions of players worldwide who have already embraced the immersive RPG and base-building experience of this mobile game. Embark on an epic medieval adventure, build your dream castle, train your loyal followers, and conquer other kingdoms. Whether you prefer solo quests or cooperative gameplay, Hustle Castle app offers endless possibilities for strategic gameplay and thrilling battles. Download now and become the ultimate lord of a medieval kingdom!



  • The initial lower levels are fun and you can advance at a quick pace. That's the good part of the game. Once you advance beyond the lower levels the game a waste. Build quantities required are not possible without spending real money. DON'T PUT ANY MONEY INTO THE GAME. IT'S A WASTE. The Arena matches are possible at lower levels, but you hit a level when you are bottom tier 90 percent of the time. You will have no chance of winning anything and you place twice a day trying to get more points.
    2024-06-11 00:33:25
  • good game made awful by one of the worst pay to win schemas. This game could easily sell for 10 or 15 dollars but as it's free they do need to have some way to make money. The issue i have is with how they've applied all the worst styles of pay to win features, lootboxes, massive wait times, can't do anything without the secondary currency you pay for, in your face pushing of "deals", and to top it off they have the nerve to also sell the game as a subscription service for crappy extras.
    2024-06-10 09:58:44
  • An okay game, Ive enjoyed it thus far. My only two problems are big enough to warrant one star each imo. I really hate that it does not allow the screen to go off when the phone is idle. On more than one occasion I have woken up to a dead battery because of this. There is just too much loading when going between battles and the castle otherwise it's good if you're into this sort of thing.
    2024-06-10 06:18:33
  • It's amusing at first. As you get a bit into the game it gets boring as you get stuck in the dumb super long time gating of upgrades. Plus the constant inundation of spam adds to buy stuff. Uninstalled it. Edit: Except it's not balanced because if you pay a lot of money you suddenly unbalance it. And there is no genuine joy in completing a build. It's more of a "Finally, I can actually do something forn2 minutes until I start another upgrade."
    2024-06-09 16:24:08
  • Art was good, concept fun, possibilities were there, but bad execution. Gear system is money based. Arena needs serious overhaul. The matchups were terrible (I should not be 50k more or less powerful than opponents). Notifications forced turned off at certain times should be a toggle or customizable. I hope it changes, but glad I held off on making some purchases.
    2024-06-08 15:32:27
  • Occupied me for a few months, but you quickly need to pay for upgrades if you expect to be even remotely competitive, which made it more frustrating than anything. You can finish the game (the regular map objectives) without shelling out money if you do a lot of ad-watching, but you'll never be competitive enough against other players to finish all the little achievements if you aren't spending real money. And there are players that appear to have spent well over $1000 in this game.
    2024-06-08 04:45:05