Rebirth Heroes

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Create your own team of distinctive heroes and embark on epic stage combats in this exciting Rebirth Heroes app! Watch as your 4 heroes with a variety of properties and occupations fight automatically. Level up by collecting gold through automatic battles and become even more powerful by collecting essence of the attributes. Upgrade your heroes' power through promotion and take on the challenge of infinite stages. Revive your heroes and try to conquer difficult stages again, obtaining the essence of property and feathers of enhancement along the way. Enhance each hero's unique weapons and skills to make them even stronger. Enjoy a variety of content in short bursts of time, including dungeons with ample gold and gems, and artifacts that provide various buffs to heroes. With game data automatically stored on your mobile device, you can enjoy the game offline whenever you want. Get ready to lead your Avengers to victory!

Features of Rebirth Heroes:

⭐️ Create Your Own Avengers: Customize and assemble a team of unique heroes with different properties and occupations.

⭐️ Automatic Stage Combats: Sit back and watch as your four heroes engage in epic battles that are played out automatically.

⭐️ Level Up and Collect Gold: Earn gold by participating in automatic battles and use it to level up your heroes.

⭐️ Upgrade Heroes with Promotions: Enhance the power of your heroes by collecting attribute essences and promoting them.

⭐️ Infinite Stages Challenge: Test the limits of your heroes by conquering endless stages and pushing their abilities to the max.

⭐️ Unique Weapons and Skills: Enhance your heroes' equipment and skills to give them more power and vitality.


Unleash your creativity and assemble your very own Avengers team in this exciting Rebirth Heroes app. Watch as your heroes engage in thrilling battles, all while automatically leveling up and collecting gold. Upgrade your heroes with attribute essences and promotions to strengthen them even further. Push the limits of your heroes by conquering endless stages and enjoy the infinite growth and excitement. Enhance their equipment and skills to unlock their full potential. Experience a variety of content in a short time and enjoy unlimited fun. Download now and embark on an epic adventure with your own Avengers!