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Welcome to the exciting world of the Baby Talking Aadhya app! Get ready to have a blast as you spend quality time with little Aadhya. This unique kids game allows you to hear your own voice transformed into the sweet, adorable voice of baby Aadhya. Talk to her and be amazed as she repeats everything you say in the most pleasant way. But the fun doesn't stop there! Make baby Aadhya even happier by dressing her up in the perfect outfit, complete with shoes and goggles. Don't forget to feed her some tasty treats and give her a refreshing bath to make her sparkle. Finally, help baby Aadhya fall asleep by switching off the lights. With its interesting mini games and attractive designs, this new concept of a talking game is perfect for kids of all ages. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and share the fun with your best friends!

Features of Baby Talking Aadhya:

⭐️ Interact with baby Aadhya: Speak to baby Aadhya and listen to her sweet voice as she repeats whatever you say.

⭐️ Dress up baby Aadhya: Select the perfect outfit, shoes, goggles, and more to style baby Aadhya.

⭐️ Feed baby Aadhya: Treat baby Aadhya to delicious food items and make her happy.

⭐️ Give baby Aadhya a refreshing bath: Clean up baby Aadhya by giving her a relaxing bath.

⭐️ Take a cool selfie: Capture adorable moments with baby Aadhya and create memories.

⭐️ Help baby Aadhya fall asleep: Switch off the lights and assist baby Aadhya in falling asleep.


Indulge in the joy of playing with baby Aadhya in this delightful kids' game. Experience the thrill of hearing your own voice echoed by baby Aadhya and make her happy with various gifts. Enjoy dressing up baby Aadhya, feeding her and giving her a relaxing bath. Capture precious moments with baby Aadhya through cool selfies and help her drift off to sleep. Download this engaging and heartwarming talking Baby Talking Aadhya now and share the fun with your best friends.



  • This game was beautiful
    2024-06-07 17:14:02
  • l love this game but the barbie ugly
    2024-06-07 10:45:27
  • Good but update all of thing
    2024-06-06 22:28:31
  • I love this game it so wonderfull
    2024-06-05 23:12:12
  • Very beautiful game
    2024-06-05 16:34:56
  • My name is also adhya but speeling is Adya
    2024-06-05 11:23:51