Heart Surgery Doctor Game

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Heart Surgery Emergency Hospital is a captivating and immersive app that lets you step into the shoes of a skilled open heart surgery doctor. In this offline game, you will be faced with the challenge of saving the lives of patients who are in dire need of heart operations. The app presents you with a realistic emergency scenario where a patient is experiencing intense pain and difficulty breathing. It's up to you to diagnose and treat the patient using a variety of medical tools. With its stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, Heart Surgery Emergency Hospital offers an exciting and educational experience for anyone interested in the world of medicine.

Features of Heart Surgery Doctor Game:

❤️ Become an Open Heart Surgery Doctor: Fulfill your dream of becoming a heart surgeon and save lives of patients in need.

❤️ Emergency Hospital Setting: Experience the intensity of an emergency situation in a hospital setting, where quick actions are required.

❤️ Various Treatment Options: Choose between inserting a pacemaker or performing a heart transplant to treat the patient's condition.

❤️ Realistic Tools and Procedures: Use authentic medical tools to perform the surgery, such as cutting through the chest and reaching the heart.

❤️ Monitor Patient's Progress: Keep track of the patient's heart rate and monitor their progress throughout the surgery.

❤️ Test Your Skills: Put your surgical skills to the test and become the best heart surgeon in the game.


Heart Surgery Emergency Hospital is an exciting and realistic doctor game that allows you to fulfill your dream of becoming a heart surgeon. With an emergency hospital setting, various treatment options, authentic tools and procedures, and the ability to monitor patient progress, this game offers a thrilling experience for those interested in the medical field. Test your skills and save lives in this exciting game. Click to download now and start your journey as a heart surgeon!