Shroom Guard

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Shroom Guard, where the serenity of the Mushroom Kingdom hangs in the balance. Step into the shoes of a heroic colossus and embrace your duty to protect this mystical realm from the invading heroes. Unite and merge your extraordinary monsters to create an unstoppable army, reflecting your strategic genius. Prepare for an action-packed Tower Defense TD experience that blends strategy and excitement, as you defend your fort against relentless attackers. With a roguelike skill system and deep strategic gameplay, this game offers a captivating and challenging adventure. Are you ready to be the savior the Mushroom Kingdom needs? The fate of this realm is in your hands as the Shroom Guard!

Features of Shroom Guard:

* Engrossing Merge Mechanics: Merge your monsters to create powerful guardians for the Mushroom Kingdom.

* Action-Packed Tower Defense TD Gameplay: Defend your fort from relentless assailants using strategy and strength.

* Roguelike Skill Progression: Adapt and overcome an ever-evolving array of challenges on your journey.

* Immersive Casual Tower Defense TD Experience: Enjoy a relaxed gaming ambiance with an intriguing layer of strategic depth.

* Deep Strategy in Tower Defense TD Gameplay: Explore a wealth of combinations and tactics to fortify your monsters and dominate the game.

* Become the Shroom Guard: Take on the role of the protector of the Mushroom Kingdom and command its defense against intruders.


Step into the enchanting world of Shroom Guard and become the heroic colossus who defends the serene Mushroom Kingdom. Merge your monsters, engage in thrilling tower defense battles, and experience a unique roguelike skill progression. With immersive gameplay, deep strategic options, and an easy-to-learn casual experience, this game offers captivating entertainment for hours. Download now and answer the call to safeguard this mystical realm!



  • Skipping ads 10/10
    2024-06-08 23:51:58
  • Was 5 stars, but lost money on Chapter packages that don't work
    2024-06-07 11:03:29
  • Liked the game, because it didn't crash everytime an add came up. Took a break for maybe 2 weeks and lost 90% of my progress, which took well over a month to achieve. I consider that unacceptable, and deleted the game
    2024-06-07 07:08:18
  • This is a really fun little game. I'm enjoying it, thanks
    2024-06-06 01:46:39
  • The add one row needs to be fixed
    2024-06-05 15:16:01
  • Pay for premium AND pay to make ads stop?
    2024-06-05 09:25:11