Ultimate DragonMaster

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Looking for a game that's easy to play, yet incredibly entertaining? Look no further than Ultimate DragonMaster! This game is not your ordinary incremental game. It is the official sequel of Blade Crafter, a game that has already seen a whopping 3 million downloads. In Ultimate DragonMaster, you'll have the opportunity to fuse minerals in the Mine and equip them to your dragons, making them even stronger. And if that wasn't enough, you can spin the roulette to win special rewards and play exciting mini-games. Don't worry about using skills during battles, they are used automatically! Plus, every 100 stages, a formidable Boss monster appears to challenge you. So what are you waiting for? Clear stages, defeat Boss monsters, and collect a variety of bonus rewards in this ultimate incremental gaming experience!

Features of Ultimate DragonMaster:

> Fusion of Minerals: Fuse minerals in the Mine and enhance your dragons' power by equipping them with these minerals. Strengthen your dragons and conquer new challenges.

> Roulette Rewards: Spin the roulette wheel to unlock special rewards. Additionally, enjoy playing engaging mini-games that will keep you entertained throughout your gameplay.

> Automated Skills: No need to worry about using skills during battles. The app automatically uses skills, allowing you to focus on strategizing and defeating enemies.

> Epic Boss Battles: Face a formidable Boss monster every 100 stages. Test your skills and overcome these tough challenges to prove yourself as the Ultimate DragonMaster.

> Bonus Rewards: Clear stages to unlock a variety of bonus rewards. Collect valuable items and resources that will aid you in your quest to become the ultimate champion.

> Exciting Sequel: This app is the official sequel to the highly acclaimed Blade Crafter game that has already garnered an impressive 3 million downloads. Experience the thrill and excitement of the next chapter in this beloved series.


Embark on a mesmerizing adventure in the Ultimate DragonMaster game! Fuse minerals, spin the roulette for exclusive rewards, and enjoy automated skills during battles. Test your mettle against epic Boss monsters and collect numerous bonus rewards along your journey. Don't miss out on this highly anticipated sequel to the popular Blade Crafter game. Download now and become the ultimate champion!



  • A pretty solid mobile game. It doesn't spam ads at you, and the only ads it has are all optional. However it does seem that the leveling is a little easy. But overall a good mobile game.
    2024-06-08 19:08:53
  • Simple and straightforward. Usually set the battle and let it go. Could use some automated process or add on for battles to have more control, but otherwise good idle game.
    2024-06-08 16:33:08
  • This game is pretty good, i like it a lot. Its a good time killer and very simplistic. Seeing each dragon and hoping to see its next evolution is very exciting. Not to mention the gameplay is thrilling. I really like it and i hope the game grows. Congratulations to the develepor because this game sticks out among all the other mobile games.
    2024-06-08 02:33:27
  • Everything is really well designed except the double up challenge. Sometimes the card that is shown is the highest of the 6 and, no matter what you choose out of the other 5, you will loose. Please fix :)
    2024-06-07 04:46:15
  • Cute little time waster. Like all the attributes and items for developing your dragons. Animation is more bubbly than intimidating......like dragons are, but it works in this case. Overall, it's a fun game. Try it....you'll like it!
    2024-06-06 23:42:29
  • My babies are cute and beautiful and I absolutely love the game thus far. Also with how down to earth the please rate message was, I couldn't help but drop by. Also, thx for the short tutorial! I hate it when games take forever to explain simple concepts.
    2024-06-05 23:33:14