Panda Daycare - Pet Salon & Do

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Panda Daycare - Pet Salon & Do is the ultimate app for all animal lovers who want to become the best pet vet doctor and caretaker. In this game, you have the amazing opportunity to take care of a cute and cuddly panda by providing her with a proper salon and daycare treatment. Your duties will include cleaning the panda using soap and shower, removing pimples with a pimple remover, and applying face packs to keep her skin glowing. Not only that, but you will also learn how to give first aid treatment to injured pandas using medical instruments like temperature and heart beat checkers, and even injections. Additionally, you'll have the important task of removing germs using pluckers. With lots of exciting games and activities, Panda Pet DayCare is the ultimate destination for all aspiring pet doctors.

Features of Panda Daycare - Pet Salon & Do:

* Pet Vet and Caretaker: Take on the role of a pet vet and caretaker for a cute panda, providing her with the best salon and daycare treatment.

* Health and Happiness: Doctor Pets offers the opportunity to make animals healthy and happy again, ensuring the panda receives the care she needs.

* Pet Caring Games: Immerse yourself in the world of pet caring games, specifically designed for panda pets.

* Medical Instruments: Learn how to use a variety of medical instruments, such as soap, shower, pimple remover, face pack, temperature and heart beat checker, injection, and pluckers, to provide proper care and treatment to the panda.

* First Aid Treatment: Acquire the knowledge of giving first aid treatment to an injured panda, utilizing the instruments like a professional doctor.

* Pet Doctor Game: Engage in a pet doctor game where you can provide care and assistance to the pet panda, fostering a sense of responsibility and empathy towards animals.


Panda Daycare - Pet Salon & Do App allows users to become the best pet vet doctor and caretaker for a cute panda, providing her with the necessary salon and daycare treatment. With a range of interactive pet caring games, a variety of medical instruments, and the opportunity to learn first aid treatment, this App offers an engaging and educational experience that will surely attract users and make them eager to download it.