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Welcome to the magnificent world of the medieval royal court in King's Choice! Immerse yourself in the role of a legendary king, where you can recruit famous generals, meet stunning beauties, and raise your own heirs. Experience the splendor of this era with resplendent garments, luxurious palaces, and lavish banquets. As you build and rule your own kingdom, you'll handle government affairs, confer titles of nobility, and even forge alliances to defeat your enemies. With over 20 princesses to choose from, you can take them on dates and invite them to your palace. Collect legendary heroes and compete with other players to truly become the supreme emperor. Unite with players from around the world in PvP battles and build alliances to rule the whole world. Download King's Choice now and embark on an extraordinary journey to greatness!

Features of King's Choice:

❤️ Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the medieval royal court with its opulent attire, magnificent palaces, extravagant feasts, loyal knights, and stunning concubines, making you feel like a true European king.

❤️ Take charge of your own kingdom by handling government affairs, granting titles of nobility, forming alliances, vanquishing foes, and fostering trade to expand your empire.

❤️ Meet over 20 enchanting princesses and engage in romantic dates, furthering your relationships and inviting them to reside in your palace, adding to the allure of your kingdom.

❤️ Nurture your heirs to ensure the prosperity of your bloodline, with the option to arrange marriages with other players' heirs, strengthening your realm and securing alliances.

❤️ Assemble a formidable team of legendary heroes by summoning them and engaging in thrilling competitions against fellow players, proving your supremacy.

❤️ Partake in intense PvP battles, uniting forces with players from around the globe to vanquish your adversaries and dominate the realm with your might.


King's Choice offers an immersive experience of medieval royal life, allowing players to indulge in the splendors of the court, govern their own kingdom, forge alliances through strategic marriages, collect powerful heroes, and engage in thrilling PvP battles. Download the game now to rise as the ultimate ruler and conquer the entire world!



  • The game is amazing! It's very easy to play and navigate, there are so many rewards and exciting experience that I need to achieve everyday!
    2024-06-05 16:39:31
  • i really like this game and I'm currently addicted to it! and my suggestion is it would be better if your real knights display/icon or whatever you called that will appear on the real battlefield like what's in the outpost mini game. ooh btw I'm playing this 3 days now :>
    2024-06-05 02:16:36
  • Loving it so far the game quality is really really good especially the story I really like it but the characters just hits different for me they are all good looking my god but i love how the storyline is very catchy for me if you ask the graphics are quite good and the characters voices sound nice if you ask me all are nice everything is all very good if you ask about the game i didn't see bugs so far right now but keep the good work up!!
    2024-06-04 18:03:46
  • It was all good but it would be much better if non paid player get a chance to win those events. I think
    2024-06-04 10:16:04
  • It's a great game.I truly love the story line of this .In the ads it's different from how this really is but I still love it ♥️.I would recommend it.
    2024-06-04 05:27:58
  • I like this game. I usually not a fan of this kind of game. But i already play this game for 2 months now. I really like the style of this game. The minus of this game, the new servers releasing is so fast, if they keep doing this the old servers will be abandoned.. and the top up choice is actually cheaper then most game, but there's a few events that need a lottttt of gold to win
    2024-06-04 04:30:46