Gas Filling Junkyard Simulator

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Introducing Gas Filling Junkyard Simulator, a thrilling and immersive app that allows you to renovate and build your very own gas station in the middle of a desert. Transform an abandoned junkyard into a bustling petrol station and become a gas station tycoon. But it's not just about fueling up cars, you'll also need to manage a power wash facility, offer car mechanic services, and even run a supermarket store to keep your customers happy. With time management and hard work, you can expand your gas station business and earn big profits. Fuel up the junkyard truck and become the ultimate gas station simulator master!

Features of Gas Filling Junkyard Simulator:

- Gas Station Simulator: Build and renovate your own gas station in the middle of the desert.

- Petrol Pump Game: Become a gas station tycoon and sell fuel to customers.

- Power Wash Simulator: Offer a power wash facility at your gas station.

- Junkyard Truck Game: Renovate an abandoned gas station and start your own junkyard truck business.

- Car Mechanic Service: Provide car mechanic services along with gas filling.

- Trader Life Simulator: Open a supermarket store at your gas station and sell items to customers.


Experience the thrill of running your own gas station in the desert with the Gas Filling Junkyard Simulator app. From building and renovating to selling fuel, offering car mechanic services, and even managing a supermarket, this app offers a wide range of features to keep you engaged. Download now and become a successful gas station tycoon in this fun-filled and addictive game.



  • graphic is not better
    2024-06-06 22:45:54
  • I can't start the game because it is not preceding after loading. Please fix this immediately.
    2024-06-05 22:43:00
  • Worst game only ads coming
    2024-06-05 12:10:23
  • This is just a advertisement app , don't download this game
    2024-06-04 04:13:50
  • I give 2 stars because of lot of ads. It is too much irritating
    2024-06-03 05:52:46
  • I hate this game.... so many ads showing... again I'm not playing this game.....
    2024-06-03 02:05:39