Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes

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Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes is an exciting new Action RPG that is set to launch on January 9th. Get ready to feel the adrenaline rush as you experience real action through your fingertips! With its isometric view, you'll be fully immersed in the world of Blade X. Choose from a multitude of heroes, each with their own unique fighting style and skills, and engage in stylish battles. Prepare yourself for a non-stop barrage of content, from holding off hordes of monsters in Guardian Mode to toppling relentless bosses in the Sealed Relic Tower. Rise through the ranks in endless competition in the Dimension Gate. Don't miss out on the latest updates for Blade X by joining the official Discord community. Get ready to embark on an epic RPG adventure like no other! Please note that the app requires a minimum system requirement of 4GB RAM and 2.5GB of available space on Android 8 or iOS 13 or higher.

Features of Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes:

* Real Action RPG: Experience thrilling action and feedback like never before.

* Brilliant Skills: Feel the power of incredible skills through your fingertips.

* Multiple Heroes: Discover heroes with unique fighting styles and engage in stylish battles.

* Diverse Content: Engage in non-stop action with Guardian Mode, Sealed Relic Tower, and Dimension Gate.

* Stay Updated: Be the first to receive the newest updates for Blade X through the official Discord channel.

* Minimum System Requirements: Requires 4GB RAM and 2.5GB available space on Android 8 / IOS 13 or higher.


Don't miss out on the official launch of Blade X on January 9! This action-packed RPG offers real action, brilliant skills, and a multitude of heroes with unique characteristics. With its diverse content and constant updates, you'll always have something new to explore. Download Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes now to experience the intense isometric view gameplay and become a true blade master!



  • It won't let me enter,it says"unable to connect to game server due to maximum concurrent connection"please fix it
    2024-06-06 07:39:22
  • Usually, I do not play this type of game, but this one got my attention. It looks so beautiful. Even the monster looks cool, and I really enjoyed playing this game.
    2024-06-06 03:04:37
  • I like the game mechanics but the buttons is not really optimised i cant trigger my skills sometimes. Also it's so hard to gain gold which is the main currency for upgrading materials. I also love this game so much. Waited a whole 7 years for global years believe it or not. This game is special and requires skill and p2w is too little. I wish i give this game more than 5 stars
    2024-06-05 13:13:24
  • Dear Producer,I installed the game,I installed 2 GB of data with fiber optic internet and high-speed network,even when Google did not connect,and in the end it failed,I used a very,very powerful VPN that I will not name,Even if it was possible,I would have bought it in IRAN,but this is my main problem It's just that it can't be connected to Irancell's national internet IRAN and 5G of fiber optic,without a powerful VPN Not connecting to google or with best vpn not again connect to Google,Sorry!
    2024-06-05 11:51:54
  • i was hoping Blade 2 evil returns, aka Blade Re-action, well no auto no equipment just upgrade like blade of the 3kingdom onece you finished a storyline you'll be met by Guardian mode which is boring after a week of playing but sorry i have to uninstall it good effort to return, but bad execution
    2024-06-04 12:30:38
  • great but put more setting on graphic so all player can do setup according to their device perfomance and please add custom control setting then we can adjust the cntrol huds..overall its great
    2024-06-04 11:38:50