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Experience the enchanting world of Jade Dynasty, China's first Paladin mobile game! Embark on a thrilling adventure alongside beloved characters Zhang Xiaofan, Biyao, and Lu Xueqi as their story continues. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and explore the inner world of Jade Dynasty, where you can create your own legendary tale. Choose from classic sects like Jadeon, Vim, Skysong, and Lupin, each with their unique attributes and thousands of skill combinations. Take to the skies and fly with your trusty sword, transcending heights and limitations. Engage in epic battles with classical espers and unleash their powers to dominate the immortal realm. With traditional gameplay and the ability to capture and train a variety of creatures, including sacred beasts, Jade Dynasty offers unparalleled depth and excitement. Unleash your inner hero and write your own destiny in this fantasy world.

Features of Jade Dynasty-Global:

⭐️ Classical characters: The app features familiar characters such as Zhang Xiaofan, Biyao, and Lu Xueqi, allowing users to continue their story and immerse themselves in their world.

⭐️ Character training: With thousands of skill combinations, players can create unique characters and explore diverse training methods, adding depth to the gameplay.

⭐️ Sword flying: Experience the exhilaration of flying with a sword, unrestricted by height or boundaries, and get lost in the enchanting fantasy world.

⭐️ Battle of espers: Engage in epic battles with classic espers like Regenesis Sword, Lupin Bell, Flower of Sadness, and Vampire Orb, offering an exciting and immersive experience in the immortal realm.

⭐️ Traditional gameplay: The app brings back the beloved gameplay from Jade Dynasty, featuring equipment that can be refined and customized in countless ways. Users can even watch live broadcasts of the refining process for added entertainment.

⭐️ Numerous Sacred Beasts: Capture animals, monsters, and sacred beasts to make them your pets, gaining valuable attributes for battles. This adds even more depth and variety to your gameplay experience.


Jade Dynasty offers a captivating mobile gaming experience with its classic characters, diverse character training, exhilarating sword flying, epic battles with espers, traditional gameplay, and the opportunity to collect numerous Sacred Beasts. Download now to embark on an unforgettable adventure in this fantasy world!