Be A Billionaire: Dream Harbor

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Welcome to Be A Billionaire: Dream Harbor, the ultimate business simulation game set in medieval Europe! After being banished from your family's famous house, you find yourself at a failing dock left by your father. But don't despair! With your wit and determination, you can rebuild the dock into a thriving harbor and bring back the maritime empire. Build and improve buildings, invest in trade organizations, and revitalize the ports to create a spectacular commercial blueprint. Meet up to 50 lovers from all over the harbor city, unlock different dating animations, and dance or get intoxicated together. You can even partner with famous historical figures like Michelangelo, Columbus, and Marco Polo to develop their skills and make your way to wealth and prosperity. Engage in limited-time events for high rewards, defend against pirates, raise children with your lover, and pass on your business skills to create a powerful alliance. Embark on ocean voyages, recruit sailors and lieutenants, and explore the unknown ocean or join other people's voyages to showcase your talents. Create or join a Trade Association to meet people from around the world and enjoy various activities and socialize. Turn your run-down dock into a world-beating harbor with your wise strategy and business acumen. With an innovative plot, business simulation, costume system, and the ability to travel around the world, this game offers endless opportunities for you to show how you start from the bottom. Click the link below and start building your own world-class mega-port! Download now and become a billionaire! Be sure to join the official community for gifts and contact us for support.

Features of Be A Billionaire: Dream Harbor:

- Business Simulation: Accumulate wealth and develop various buildings and trade organizations to create a thriving commercial landscape.

- Meet Your Lovers: Interact with up to 50 lovers within the harbor city, unlocking different dating animations and activities.

- Historical Figures: Partner with famous historical figures like Michelangelo, Columbus, and Marco Polo to develop their skills and achieve wealth and prosperity.

- Limited Time Events: Engage in relaxing events with high rewards to enhance your adventure beyond just the voyage.

- Defend Pirates: Cooperate with partners to defend against pirate attacks, scavenge treasure, and even summon the legendary Flying Dutchman ship.

- Raise Your Children: Pass on your business skills to your children, marry them off to form alliances, and ensure the continuity of your success.


Be A Billionaire: Dream Harbor offers a unique and immersive experience by combining elements of business simulation, love and relationships, historical figures, pirate adventures, and raising a family. With its captivating plot and various features, it provides a comprehensive and enjoyable gaming experience. Click the link below to download the app and embark on your journey to build a world-class mega-port.



  • I love the game and the customer service is great. I had some trouble in game and the customer service team resolved the problem with few hours I will definitely recommend this game to my friends
    2024-06-05 02:38:24
  • Nice time-killer, rewarding and calm. Of course, it exists with in-game purchases but NOT choosing to buy is not punishing or hampering. You can be at your own pace and own discretion, to buy, when you want, not must you want.
    2024-06-05 00:14:02
  • This is the best game i have came across so far. I love the character design and overall everything in this game. It's fun how you can just keep playing for hours and not get bored. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! O(≧∇≦)O
    2024-06-04 19:09:05
  • Super game...... I LUV IT...... after like 50M earning..... I guess being a VIP would be better.... you need to spend some money..... for first some months it's good...... then it becomes fully repetitive...... but Its super
    2024-06-02 08:56:40
  • Well, what can I say? Aside from the fact that it can be played through paying money, there is really no problem to it. Even though it can be 'pay to win' when you top up, it is still excellently fun to play.
    2024-06-02 07:47:27
  • Pro: lots of things to do, pretty art, guild stuff is fun. Pretty fair if you don't want to put in money. Con: if you don't put in money you'll never get a good rank in events.
    2024-06-02 02:19:08