Tank Robot Multi Transform Car

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Tank Robot Multi Transform Car Game offers a unique and exciting experience for all robot game enthusiasts. With a combination of tanks, dragons, lions, and helicopters, this game brings together different elements from various popular robot games. Players can choose from multiple characters, such as lion robot and war robots, to engage in intense robot battles. The game also features thrilling robot transformations and the ability to switch between tank robot and lion robot. Whether you prefer car robots or flying robots, this game has it all. So gather your friends and get ready to save the city in this action-packed transform robot game.

Features of Tank Robot Multi Transform Car:

* Multiple characters to choose from: The app offers a variety of playing options, allowing users to choose between different characters such as tank robots, lion robots, and war robots.

* Unique combination of robot transform games: The app combines elements of different robot games, including robot transforming tank, lion robot transformation, and air jet robot, creating a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.

* Thrilling robot battles: Get ready for intense robot battles as you engage in intense warfare between different robot characters. Experience the excitement of transforming robots fighting against each other.

* Smooth flying and driving controls: Enjoy seamless and easy-to-use controls to fly and drive your robot characters. Experience the thrill of flying a robot helicopter or controlling a tank robot.

* Unlock advanced players and features: Earn coins during gameplay to unlock advanced players or purchase them to enjoy additional features and capabilities. Expand your collection of powerful robot characters.

* Engaging multiplayer mode: Play with your friends to save the city from enemies. Cooperate and showcase your skills in handling the powerful car robot in order to overcome challenges and win battles.


Tank Robot Multi Transform Car offers an exhilarating experience for gamers who enjoy robot transformation games. With its unique combination of different robot characters and intense battles, it provides excitement and challenges. The easy-to-use controls and multiplayer mode make it a must-have for fans of robot games. Download now and join the ultimate robot warfare!