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Welcome to MiniBattle: Classic Return, a charming and laid-back ballistic shooting game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours! Engage in intense battles in various competitive modes such as 3v3, 2v2, and 1v1, where you'll need to choose the most powerful weapon and calculate your shooting angle to take down enemies and monsters. With real-time cross-server matchmaking, you can team up with your friends and work your way up to the top of the hall of honor. Enjoy realistic visual effects, personalized special moves, and thrilling shooting battles as you embark on a mission to smash your enemies and monsters. In MiniBattle: Classic Return, the fun never stops!

Features of MiniBattle:

- Competitive Modes: Enjoy intense competition in 3v- 2v- and 1v1 matches.

- Powerful Weapons: Choose from a variety of weapons like the dragon blaster, Gatling gun, and death scythe.

- Skill Combination: Combine your chosen weapon with special skills like double shot spread, invisibility, ice bullet, and flying.

- Exciting Gameplay: Engage in team battles, fight evil bosses with friends, and challenge solo dungeons to test your gaming skill.

- Hall of Honor Ranking: Compete with global players, participate in the Ballistic Master Championship, and earn rewards regardless of your rank.

- Lively Guilds and Romance: Marry your lover in a romantic wedding, embark on adventures with guild members, and develop pets and mounts to aid you in battles.


Get ready for a thrilling and action-packed experience with MiniBattle: Classic Return! Indulge in fierce competitions, choose from a wide range of powerful weapons, and show off your skills with unique combinations. Whether you enjoy team battles, defeating evil bosses, or climbing the ranks in the hall of honor, this app has something for everyone. Join lively guilds, experience the joy of romance with a wedding ceremony, and develop your characters and pets to become formidable warriors. Download MiniBattle: Classic Return now and start your exciting journey!



  • Most addictive game
    2024-05-15 07:47:18
  • I really like this game, because it is similar to the game I used to play on Facebook. I have been playing this for a few months and a friend told me. enthusiasm for development in the newminibattle game and are waiting for further events
    2024-05-15 02:02:13
  • The app told me to follow the guide, I need to click Free Battle under Arena, after clicking it, it shows "Network timeout" then nothing happened. Please fix... Thanks
    2024-05-14 15:10:06
  • every time got event must have some sort of problem...its really annoying...always got new server???how about fix the system first???and then such expensive to buy diamond but to get the item so hard...wasted a lot of money and time...only god like money can really make it...more worst than ever...
    2024-05-14 11:43:27
  • from one of the best game and best client service, now its worse. sorry the game is now totally boring. the events are repeatable, theres nothing new even they announce for the new update, and theres no response to the email, fb page, or client service than before you contact them for the first time. -_-
    2024-05-13 00:59:39
  • Yes the world's still a crazy place but I have MiniBattle, and at the moment things couldn't be better!!!, my ice tiger is nearly maxed, my weapons are upgraded and I'm ready to fight with my friends from allover the world,
    2024-05-12 02:50:23