Lost Shooter: Loot&Survive RPG

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Get ready for an action-packed adventure like no other in Lost Shooter! After surviving an air crash, you find yourself stranded on a mysterious lost island. Your task now is to build your base, arm yourself, and summon companions to help you conquer this treacherous place. From snowlands to grasslands and deserts, danger lurks around every corner. Upgrade your weapons and attributes to become stronger, and face off against enemies from different eras, including golems, snow wolves, and wildlings. With roguelike gameplay and diverse challenges, courage and exploration are your keys to breaking free from the clutches of destiny!

Features of Lost Shooter: Loot&Survive RPG:

* Survival+Shooting+Casual RPG: Lost Shooter offers a unique gameplay experience that combines survival, shooting, and casual RPG elements to keep you engaged and entertained.

* Explore diverse environments: From snowlands to grasslands and deserts, the lost island is filled with enemies. Take on the challenge and navigate through different terrains to survive.

* Build your camp: Establishing a strong base is crucial for your survival. Use the available resources to construct buildings and fortify your camp against enemy attacks.

* Upgrade your character: Enhance your character's abilities by upgrading weapons and attributes. Craft powerful tools and equip your character with the best gear to increase your chances of survival.

* Summon powerful companions: Unlock the ability to summon loyal companions who will aid you in your battles. Explore enemies' territories, loot valuable resources, and dominate the game with your allies by your side.

* Battle diverse enemies: Encounter a variety of enemies, ranging from golems and snow wolves to wildlings. Only by defeating them can you break the path planned by destiny and find a way out of the lost islands.


Lost Shooter is an exciting and immersive survival game that offers a unique combination of shooting, looting, building, and summoning companions. With diverse environments, the ability to upgrade your character, and an array of enemies to conquer, this app guarantees hours of thrilling gameplay. Join the countless adventurers who have strayed into the lost islands and embark on an epic journey to break the shackles of destiny. Download Lost Shooter now and unleash your courage and exploration to find your way back home.