Citampi Stories: Love & Life

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Welcome to Citampi Stories: Love & Life, an open-world RPG game that goes beyond just a visual novel or farming life in another world. Immerse yourself in this pixel art-anime game and find your happiness in the town while paying off your parents' debt. Not only will you meet ten beautiful girls and navigate the intricacies of a dating sim, but you can also explore various quirky jobs, grow and harvest fruits and vegetables in a farming simulator, scavenge and craft items, adopt an animal as your pet, find treasures, catch fish, and even cook food for your family. Engage in meaningful relationships, propose, and wed that special anime girl, then embark on quests to improve your family life. In this life simulation, discover hand-made life stories and vibrant personalities of each character as you help them in their daily lives. Don't forget to pay your utility bills to prevent blackouts! If that's not enough, you can also turn your adventure into a fantasy story, marry a ghost, and have a supernatural child. Experience single life, relationships, and family life in this immersive roleplay story. Download now and start your ultimate virtual life in Citampi!

Features of Citampi Stories: Love & Life:

- Pixel Art-Anime Dating Sim: The app features a pixel art-anime style, creating a unique and visually appealing experience for users.

- Ten Beautiful Girls: Users can interact with and pursue relationships with ten different beautiful girls in the game, adding variety and depth to the gameplay.

- Open-World RPG Elements: In addition to the dating sim aspect, the app also incorporates various quirky jobs, farming simulator mini-games, scavenging for items, and crafting. This adds a layer of exploration and adventure to the gameplay.

- Virtual Life Simulation: Users can experience a virtual life in the game by adopting an animal as a pet, finding treasures, fishing, and cooking for their virtual family. This expands the gameplay beyond just the dating sim aspect.

- Rich Storytelling and Character Development: The app offers hand-made life stories and colorful personalities for each character. Users can engage with and help the characters in their daily lives, creating an immersive and meaningful gaming experience.

- Fantasy Storyline: The app allows users to turn their adventure into a fantasy story by marrying a ghost and meeting her supernatural friends. This adds an element of fantasy and intrigue to the gameplay.


With its unique pixel art-anime style, diverse gameplay features, and immersive storytelling, Citampi Stories: Love & Life offers a comprehensive and engaging experience for users. From dating simulations to open-world RPG elements, the app caters to a wide range of gaming preferences. Whether users are looking for a casual virtual life simulator or a deep and fulfilling roleplay story, this app provides plenty of options. Download the app now to embark on an exciting journey filled with romance, adventure, and personal growth.