Chat RPG: Plus - Idle Text RPG

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Introducing Chat RPG: Plus - Idle Text RPG, an exciting app that takes you on a thrilling adventure! Choose your desired region and embark on a quest with four unique adventurers. Find all the equipment you need from the renowned Blacksmith and enhance it using powerful Enhance Stones. Create your own skill tree and learn various skills to dominate battles. Even when you're not playing, your adventurers continue to grow, thanks to abundant daily rewards. If you have any suggestions or need assistance, feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or join our Discord community at We value your feedback and are eager to hear from you! Download Adventure Quest now and start your epic journey today!

Features of Chat RPG: Plus - Idle Text RPG:

- Choose your desired area and start the adventure: The app allows users to select the area they want to explore and begin their adventure. This feature provides a sense of customization and personalization to the gameplay.

- Four adventurers in four regions: The app offers four adventurers to choose from, each situated in a different region. This variety provides users with options and different gameplay experiences.

- Blacksmith's pick: Adventurer's equipment: Users can purchase and equip equipment from the Blacksmith. This feature adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay by allowing users to choose their preferred equipment.

- Enhance Stones: Users can strengthen their equipment using Enhance Stones. This feature adds a progression element to the app, encouraging users to upgrade their equipment and improve their gameplay.

- Skill tree: Users can create their own skill tree and learn various skills to use in battles. This feature enhances the strategic aspect of the app, giving users the opportunity to develop different tactics and play styles.

- Adventurer growth: Even when the user is not actively playing, the adventurers continue to grow. The app offers daily rewards that help the adventurers progress faster. This feature creates a sense of progression and encourages users to return to the app regularly.


Additionally, the continuous growth of the adventurers and daily rewards provide a sense of progression and incentivize users to engage with the app regularly. Overall, this app promises an immersive and rewarding adventure that will keep users engaged. For any assistance or feedback, users can easily reach out via email or join the Discord community.



  • When I was trying to start up my game again it was just saying loading for like an 1 hour and still didn't load so ya
    2024-04-02 01:42:54
  • Was cool at first, however, the timed bonuses you get from ads are so overpowerful that gameplay progress will slow to a crawl when they are not up. Even worse, there is no ad removal purchase for those buffs. Instead you can collect and/or pay for tickets to skip the ads to enable them. But you will eventually run out of ad skip tickets and will have to wait to collect more or buy more with real money. Skip this application and look for a real game and not an ad-views miner.
    2024-04-01 11:40:40
  • i hate this game so much, I'd give it -1 star if possible, i didn't even get to play it, it just plays itself and asks for money.
    2024-03-31 20:01:32
  • Game doesn't load.
    2024-03-31 16:53:51
  • It wont open :/
    2024-03-31 16:22:35
  • Very boring
    2024-03-30 19:30:12