Rogue with the Dead: Idle RPG

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Rogue with the Dead: Idle RPG is an innovative roguelike RPG that puts you in command of an envoy of soldiers on an endless, looping journey to defeat the Demon Lord. As you complete quests and kill monsters, you will earn coins to power up your troops. The soldiers fight automatically, but you can choose to join the battle yourself. To stand a chance against powerful bosses, collecting artifacts is crucial. The game offers a variety of playstyles, from power-ups and dungeon clearing to tower defense and idle mode. With beautiful pixel art graphics and exponential growth of power, this game is perfect for those who enjoy idle, clicker, strategy, RPG, pixel art, tower defense, and roguelike games. Experience the fantastic pixel art world and watch your numbers grow in Rogue with the Dead.

Here are six key features of the app:

1) Defeat the Demon Lord: Players embark on a mission to defeat the Demon Lord by leading an envoy of soldiers for 300 miles. Completing quests, killing monsters, and collecting coins allow players to make their troops stronger. Players have the option to either watch the troops fight automatically or join the battle themselves.

2) Many different playstyles: The app offers a range of playstyles, including powering up soldiers, defeating monsters, clearing dungeons, hiring different types of fighters, and defending against enemies in tower defense fashion. It also offers idle mode for automatic coin collection and the ability to compete with other players in an online leaderboard.

3) Beautiful pixel art world: The game is set in a fantastic world with stunning pixel art. As players progress, they will uncover the story and learn more about what happened before their arrival through their guide Elly.

4) Exponential growth: Players start dealing small amounts of damage, but as they progress, their power grows exponentially, resulting in numbers in the millions, billions, and trillions.

5) Varied roster of soldiers: Players can recruit a diverse range of soldiers, including basic warriors, archers, tiny warriors with fast movement, and magicians with high damage capabilities.

6) Artifacts that power up the player: Collecting artifacts grants various power-ups, increasing attacks, protecting magicians, boosting coin earnings, and providing other benefits.


Rogue with the Dead: Idle RPG offers a unique and engaging gaming experience through its innovative gameplay mechanics, stunning pixel art, and a range of features including diverse soldiers, challenging missions, and the constant pursuit of collecting artifacts.The exponential growth aspect of the game is particularly appealing, as players will be driven to see their power increase exponentially over time. Click here to download the app and embark on an endless, looping journey with your troops.



  • The game has lots of systems to emphasize strategy but there are simply way too many ads to really dig into them. The game starts to feel like a chore after a couple hours. Also no way am I paying nearly 5000 yen to get rid of ads permanantly you are out of your mind.
    2024-03-31 18:16:46
  • Predatory game that wants u paying as much as a brand new ps2 game for ad free addiction. Idle Progression capped at 6 hours cuz devs starving... You got ads to reset each ability once per 15 mins rather than all 4. Ads for german units AKA trash loot crate system. Ads reducing 30 minutes on only 1 quest, even the 3 minute ones. Quests literally having scaling amount of ads you must watch for rewards. + a gamepass for miles traveled I'm ashamed I almost got to 500 Only credit to give, sprite art
    2024-03-31 11:22:31
  • Game is unplayable with all the ads and it costs $37 to remove them. Any reviews says you don't need to see ads haven't gotten far. For example if you pull a unit you don't want, you are stuck with it for an ENTIRE RUN and can't do anything about it. You need to watch a 30 sec ad every time you want to reroll a summon. You have an army size of 50 soldiers. You will spend half an hour of your time watching ads just to get the army comp you want. This is just ONE system of many forced full of ads.
    2024-03-31 09:29:39
  • Whilst fun for an idle game, if you do not watch ads to gain rewards or speed up progress it's going to slow you down a lot. Reducing ad time would be great for more casual players or offer a shorter version of ads for half the effective rewards would be ideal. That aside, simple plot of defeating ghr demon lord then rescue the 'princess' trope. Great variety of artifacts and boosts to improve units. Skill points and traits to bring a mixture of "builds". Overall 7/10, 8-9 if ads reduced.
    2024-03-30 12:20:03
  • It's "ok", but the basic no-ads option and "gameplay at normal speed" (it halves your game speed after the first 24 hours) prices are absurd. I was ready to pay and then saw that normal gameplay without ads is about 60 USD! Dev is out of their mind. Make a AAA game on a real platform for that price. Can't imagine how many sales they have lost from mispricing. Players simply look elsewhere.
    2024-03-30 08:09:08
  • Whoever the composer is decided that certain bosses needed Guilty Gear levels of crazy awesome and I am HERE for that. Game play is pretty good. No energy costs for main game, just events. There's ads, but you can ignore some of them. It's not quite on par with idle slayer but that's a high bar to clear.
    2024-03-30 05:16:32