Gangster Grand Jail Escape

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Introducing Gangster Grand Jail Escape, an action-packed FPS shooting game set in a crime-infested city. Experience the thrill of breaking out of prison and engaging in complete gangster crime simulation. The city is engulfed in a war between rival gangs and you must use your shooting skills, fight with guns and knives to establish your dominance. Be the ultimate gangster hero as you battle against the police and army. Download Gangster Grand Jail Escape now and immerse yourself in the world of this grand gangster city.

Features of this App:

- FPS Shooting Game: The app offers an engaging first-person shooter gameplay experience, allowing users to immerse themselves in the world of gangsters and crime.

- Jailbreak and Escape: Users can experience the thrill of breaking out of prison and evading the police and army forces. The app offers exciting jailbreak scenarios and challenges.

- Gangster Crime Simulation: The app provides a complete gangster crime simulation, allowing users to engage in various criminal activities and experience the life of a gangster.

- Weapons and Fighting: Users can use a wide array of weapons including guns and knives to engage in intense fights with rival gangsters, police, and army forces.

- Realistic City Environment: The app features a modern city setting that has turned into a warzone due to the rise of criminal activities. Users can explore and navigate through this immersive environment.

- Heroic Gangster Experience: By downloading Gangster Grand Jail Escape, users get the opportunity to become a real crime gangster and take on the challenges of fighting against the police and army forces.


Gangster Grand Jail Escape is an action-packed FPS shooting game that offers an immersive and thrilling experience for users. With its realistic city environment, intense fights, and the opportunity to break out of prison, this app provides a unique and engaging gangster crime simulation. By becoming a real crime gangster, users can indulge in the excitement of navigating through a city filled with criminal activities. Download Gangster Grand Jail Escape now and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of gangsters and crime.



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