XTeam - Idle Clicker RPG

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Gear up for an epic battle in XTeam - Idle Clicker RPG! The war against aliens has begun, and it's up to you to save the day. Grab your gun and assemble a team of powerful heroes to fight against the mighty invaders. Use your tapping skills to defeat the aliens, and unlock unique abilities to strategically boost your team's power. As you progress, gather powerful artifacts to enhance your strength. Join global tournaments to face off against other players, prove your worth, and earn incredible rewards. It's time to tap your way to victory and become the ultimate god of war!

Features of XTeam - Idle Clicker RPG:

- Intense Alien Warfare: Immerse yourself in epic battles against mighty aliens as the war begins. Your gun will be your ultimate weapon in defeating the invaders.

- Hero Recruitment: Gather a powerful team of heroes who will fight alongside you to repel the alien onslaught. Build a formidable force to ensure victory.

- Strategic Power-ups: Unlock unique skills for your heroes, strategically enhancing their abilities. Make wise choices to maximize your chances of success in the war.

- Prestige and Artifact Collection: Rise in power by earning prestige and obtaining powerful artifacts. Strengthen your arsenal and become an unstoppable force in the battle.

- Equipment Collection: Collect various equipments to amplify the power of your hero. Upgrade and customize your gear to gain a competitive edge in the war.

- Global Tournaments: Showcase your strength and compete against players worldwide in gripping tournaments. Test your skills, earn amazing prizes, and establish yourself as the ultimate god of war.


Join the intergalactic battle against mighty aliens in XTeam - Idle Clicker RPG that will keep you hooked for hours. With intense warfare, hero recruitment, strategic power-ups, artifact collection, equipment upgrades, and global tournaments, you'll have everything you need to dominate the war. Click the download button now and unleash your inner hero to tap your way to victory!



  • I feel like the upgrade percentages are kind of broken and don't actually reflect how much they improve units.
    2024-04-02 21:35:11
  • It's very good and I hope to see more updates that's all
    2024-04-02 19:14:54
  • I love the sc2 themed characters!! Great game actually. Love the effects and all out progression.
    2024-04-02 11:45:19
  • Great time killer game. Cool visual upgrades and graphics. Definitely recommend.
    2024-04-02 06:49:42
  • Loved it, very nice gameplay all in all very good but my only disappointment is that the gem grind it takes ages to upgrade
    2024-04-02 03:25:38
  • This is a good game but everything coats way too much and you should make it to where you can see every thing in first person
    2024-04-02 01:30:37