Landlord GO: Trade Real Estate

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Landlord GO: Trade Real Estate is not your typical tycoon game. It takes the gameplay to a whole new level by bringing it into the real world. Imagine buying, selling, and upgrading real buildings that you encounter every day on your way to work or school. From famous landmarks like the White House and Statue of Liberty to local shops and businesses, Landlord GO allows you to own and manage properties in the real world. Compete with friends and other players from around the world, use GPS to find properties near you, and develop unique skills to build your business empire. It's time to become a real estate magnate and conquer the world of Landlord GO!

Features of Landlord GO: Trade Real Estate:

- Real-world immersion: It is the first tycoon game that brings gameplay into the real world. It allows you to buy, sell, and upgrade real buildings that you encounter every day on your way to work or school.

- Famous landmarks: Collect famous buildings from the United States, such as the White House, Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, and Hollywood Walk of Fame. Own iconic landmarks and earn rental income from them.

- Global competition: Compete in rankings with friends from your city, country, and around the world. Show off your business skills and strive to become the top tycoon.

- Unique skills: Develop your own unique skills from a selection of seven options including innovator, host, accountant, auctioneer, lawyer, speculator, and tycoon. Choose how you want to build your business empire.

- GPS and augmented reality: Use GPS to find local properties around you and enhance your real estate investing experience. Explore your city and discover new, undiscovered properties while on business trips or vacations.

- Easy and convenient gameplay: The game can be played anytime and anywhere on your phone. It won't distract you from other matters. Buy, negotiate, and finalize transactions with ease and convenience.


Landlord GO: Trade Real Estate is an innovative and immersive tycoon game that brings the excitement of real estate investing into the real world. With its unique features such as famous landmarks, global competition, and GPS exploration, the app offers a thrilling and convenient gameplay experience. Become a billionaire and show off your business skills by turning your city into your personal empire. Download Landlord GO now and become a tycoon in the palm of your hand.