Little Universe: Pocket Planet

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Introducing Little Universe, a God Simulator mini RPG 3D game that offers a whole new world in the palm of your hand. As a little explorer, your mission is to unlock new locations step by step and gather useful resources. Don't forget to craft toilet paper for your survival! Equip yourself with powerful weapons like a sword, ax, and pickaxe, and venture into lush forests, rocky terrains, deserts, and snowy mountains. Beware of stronger enemies as you progress. Build buildings, rescue characters, and experience multiple new features. Download Little Universe now and embark on an epic adventure!

Features of Little Universe: Pocket Planet:

* Pocket-sized universe: This app offers a compact universe that can fit right into your pocket, allowing you to explore and unlock new locations in small steps.

* Resource gathering: Collect useful resources to enhance your gameplay and survival. Craft essential items like toilet paper, which is crucial for your character's survival.

* Combat and skills: Develop combat and resource gathering skills to progress further in the game. Equip yourself with weapons like a sword, axe, and pickaxe, and upgrade them to take on stronger enemies.

* Diverse biomes: Experience and explore a variety of stunning environments including forests, rocks, deserts, and snowy mountains. Each biome offers unique challenges and rewards.

* Challenging enemies: As you advance, face increasingly strong and dangerous monsters. Sharpen your sword and defeat these enemies to become a powerful player.

* Building and rescue missions: Build structures like a forge, blacksmith, and armor to make your journey easier. Rescue characters such as lumberjacks and miners to enhance your gameplay.


Embark on a thrilling adventure in this 3D God Simulator mini RPG game, where you can explore a pocket-sized universe. Collect resources, upgrade weapons, and navigate through diverse biomes to unlock new locations. Challenge yourself against powerful enemies while building structures and rescuing characters. Download the Little Universe app now to experience the whole world of this captivating game!



  • Great casual game, but I ran into a problem where my miner does appear to be present where they should be found
    2024-02-04 22:49:24
  • Really enjoying it. A couple of ads but nothing to invasive
    2024-02-03 14:56:45
  • Would give 5 stars if it didn't take less than 3 hours to beat. When's the next update? Or has this game been completed?
    2024-02-02 12:44:53
  • Game is fun but it there should be option to disable vibration and audio and screen rotation
    2024-02-02 11:56:14
  • Fun but hard to get past some of the mobs. It's still a fun game. I enjoy playing it.
    2024-02-01 22:22:53
  • a most excellent sequel! ads are here, but not too many!
    2024-02-01 08:50:54