Ritual: Spellcasting RPG

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Prepare your sorcerer for an epic adventure! Unleash powerful Spells and Skills to defeat countless monsters in this thrilling spell-casting arcade game, Ritual: Spellcasting RPG. Combine your dagger and magic to create unique and devastating combos. Explore a vast collection of over hundreds of magical Skills and Spells, ensuring endless replayability. With new controls and improved performance, this game offers the smoothest animations and reduced input lag. So grab your game controller and experience the ultimate gaming experience on your TV. Download now and embark on an unforgettable journey!

Features of Ritual: Spellcasting RPG:

> Powerful combinations of Spells and Skills: This app allows you to equip your sorcerer with various combinations of spells and skills, giving you the power to devastate hordes of monsters.

> Unique spell-casting arcade: Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind spell-casting arcade experience. Unleash your magical abilities and use them strategically to defeat waves of enemies.

> Creative combos with daggers and magic: Engage in thrilling combat by combining the use of daggers and magic. Discover unique and creative ways to take down monsters with your deadly combination of weapons.

> Hundreds of magic Skills and Spells: Unlock a vast array of magic skills and spells as you progress through the game. Each skill and spell offers unique advantages and adds depth to your gameplay.

> Endless replayability with New Game Plus: After completing the game, delve into New Game Plus mode for a fresh challenge. With repeatable levels and trillions of possible builds, there is always something new to explore.

> Smooth animations and reduced input lag: Experience buttery-smooth gameplay with the app running at 60 fps whenever possible. Enjoy lag-free controls and immerse yourself fully in the fast-paced action.

In conclusion, this incredible app offers a spellbinding adventure where you can harness the power of spells and skills to annihilate hordes of monsters. With its unique spell-casting arcade gameplay and creative combat combos, you'll be on the edge of your seat. With hundreds of magic skills and spells, endless replayability, and smooth animations, this app promises an immersive experience like no other. Don't miss out - click to download now!



  • The control are weird, I'm still unsure how to move the character properly. Other than that, the gameplay is quite enjoyable. Hero have some active and passive skill which can be equiped.
    2024-02-03 19:18:56
  • Wow while playing this it gave of mad Reaper vibes and decided to check who made it and realized your the people who made Reaper XD. My only problem are the controls, its a bit weird having to move your finger in the direction you want to go rather then having a joystick.
    2024-02-03 08:45:56
  • Not buying this one. I really enjoyed Reaper, Redcon, Radiant, etc. but this feels like a step backwards in terms of game play and originality. I guess it's similar to some weird pinball game but it doesn't really seem to know what it's supposed to be either. No tutorial and feels overly simplistic. They should have named it Reaper Wannabe Pinball Clone or better yet have made a sequel to Reaper like every one wanted or made something else entirely. Disappointed to say the least...
    2024-02-03 05:07:22
  • I am giving this game two stars because I can't use the magic. They tell me to tap the icon but nothing happens. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, resetting the game and my phone but nothing works. I hope they fix this issue. This game has real potential.
    2024-02-02 18:51:37
  • This is a wonderful game with unique, hard to manage controls. It does have some optimization issues which cause it to be hard to play on less powerful devices, but is a positive experience otherwise.
    2024-02-02 13:34:49
  • Don't know if it's as good as their Reaper game, which I love , but I'm not going to compare and I'll just say it definitely is as fun and interesting, gameplay and aesthetic wise! Really happy I found hexage, hope they soon make a new game similar to their Reaper graphics. Bought both of these games and they've never disappointed me yet. I advice you all to buy them too if you enjoy this kind of thing and support their work, you get such an experience for the price of like..2 beers!Kudos
    2024-02-01 19:51:28