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Love Nikki is a captivating dress-up app that will take you on a magical journey across seven kingdoms with completely different styles. With over one million words, you'll unravel intriguing mysteries and meet 100+ diverse characters. Dress up in 10,000+ gorgeous pieces of clothing, from everyday fashion to futuristic sci-fi, and design your own style with outfits, hairstyles, makeup, and accessories. Battle with stylists from around the world to become the Stylist Queen and play with your friends by joining various events. Stay updated with first-hand news and events on our Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Facebook fan page.

Features of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen:

- Captivating Stories: Embark on a magical journey across seven kingdoms, meet over 100 diverse characters, and unravel intriguing mysteries in a stylish epic of more than one million words.

- Gorgeous Pieces of Clothing: Discover over -000 stunning outfits and accessories, ranging from everyday fashion to European style, antique beauty, dreamy fairy tales, and futuristic sci-fi. Constantly updated with new trends and genres.

- Design Your Own Style: Customize your avatar with outfits, hairstyles, makeup, accessories, and backgrounds from a vast library of options using Love Nikki's Free Dressing mode.

- Personally Tailored: Collect dyes and use design recipes to customize your clothes with a huge variety of colors. Upgrade simple clothes into elegant and stunning outfits with the help of ingredient items.

- Battle of Stylists: Compete against stylists from around the world in themed fashion battles. Use strategic skills to gain an edge on your journey to becoming the Stylist Queen.

- Play with Friends: Connect with your Facebook friends and make new stylists by joining various events and social network communities. Stay updated with the latest news, events, and treats through Love Nikki's Facebook fan page.

In conclusion, Love Nikki is a highly addictive dress-up experience that offers beautiful graphics, captivating stories, and a wide range of gameplay features. With its extensive collection of clothing, customization options, and competitive fashion battles, this app provides hours of entertainment for fashion enthusiasts. Download Love Nikki now and unleash your creativity in the world of style!



  • Many important items must be obtained from gacha, and I never get the item no matter how many times I gacha, very sad, the game is good but it costs too much money
    2024-02-05 22:52:52
  • It took 12 hours but it is so fun momo is cute. The challenges are different and simple I guess the red words are something sus ❤️ AMAZING
    2024-02-04 21:04:18
  • This game is troublesome I can't download the files properly I tried to download those assets more than once it says that this download takes a little time but I didn't expect this much please fix this problem
    2024-02-03 22:04:37
  • I did the update and it started my game from the beginning. No clothing, nothing. What's the point of adding an email if it doesn't back up my game play? I enjoyed it up until now. I'm so disappointed, I won't play this game again.if I could give a zero I would.
    2024-02-03 10:40:14
  • Very Wonderful Game for people like me that too boring to play any games,so I decided to play dressing game,I recommend for you to play this game,It doesn't need a powerful specs gaming phone to play,just 2.5 Ram and 32Rom,you can play peacefully
    2024-02-01 19:09:32
  • Played for years but now the app constantly crashes and is sometimes unplayable because of it.
    2024-02-01 17:20:28