Offroad School Bus Driver Game

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Get ready to go back to school with Offroad School Bus Driver Game! This fun and exciting driving game allows you to pick up high school students and safely drop them off at their academy. Follow the road rules, avoid accidents, and become the best school bus driver in town. With smooth controls, HD graphics, and realistic sound effects, this game provides an immersive experience. Choose from a variety of buses and navigate through a beautiful 3D city environment. Test your driving skills and become an expert at driving big vehicles. Download High School Bus Driving now and start your adventure!

Features of Offroad School Bus Driver Game:

⭐️ Pick up and drop off high school students: The main objective of this app is to simulate the experience of being a high school bus driver, where the user will have to pick up students from their homes and safely drop them off at their academy.

⭐️ Realistic bus driving simulation: This app offers a realistic driving experience, where the user will have to navigate through the city, following road rules and driving carefully to ensure the safety of the passengers.

⭐️ Multiple camera angles: The app provides 6 different camera angles to give users complete control and visibility while driving the bus. Users can switch between these camera angles to get a better view of the surroundings.

⭐️ Unlockable vehicles: There are 10 different coach vehicles available in the game, which can be unlocked by completing levels. This adds a sense of progression and gives users the opportunity to drive their favorite vehicles.

⭐️ Park the bus: In addition to driving, users will also have to park the bus after dropping off the students. Parking skills are necessary to successfully complete the missions and advance in the game.

⭐️ HD graphics and realistic sound effects: The app offers high-quality graphics and immersive sound effects, creating a visually impressive and enjoyable gaming experience.


High School Bus Driving is an engaging and realistic driving simulation game that allows users to experience the life of a school bus driver. With its various features, such as picking up and dropping off students, multiple camera angles, unlockable vehicles, and challenging parking missions, this app offers an entertaining and immersive gameplay experience. The high-quality graphics and realistic sound effects further enhance the overall experience, making it a must-download for anyone looking to test their driving skills and have fun while doing so. Get behind the wheel and become the best school bus driver in town - download High School Bus Driving now!



  • Good game for children
    2024-02-03 16:01:18
  • The game is good
    2024-02-02 06:07:56
  • There is a bug in level 27
    2024-02-01 15:16:44
  • This is very good and all cantol are good ooo very good
    2024-02-01 05:40:04
  • Very very worst game in world
    2024-01-31 17:32:43
  • The best game I love this game please download
    2024-01-31 05:52:23