Hot Wheels: Race Off

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Get ready for a heart-racing experience with Hot Wheels: Race Off! This incredible racing game takes everything you love about Hot Wheels and brings it to life in an epic way. With over 25 Hot Wheels cars to choose from and 50 insane physics racing tracks, you'll feel the adrenaline course through your veins as you speed through loops, blast off of boosters, and perform mind-blowing stunts on the iconic orange track. Upgrade and build your collection of Hot Wheels cars, challenge your friends, and compete against players from around the world in a thrilling multiplayer mode. Download Hot Wheels: Race Off today and prepare for the ride of your life!

Features of Hot Wheels: Race Off:

❤ High-Octane Racing Action: it delivers all the fast-paced and exhilarating racing action that fans of the iconic toy cars love. With over 25 Hot Wheels cars to choose from and 50+ insane physics racing tracks to conquer, players can experience the thrill of high-speed racing right in the palm of their hands.

❤ Stunt-Filled Courses: Blast off of boosters, tackle loops, and soar through jumps on the iconic Hot Wheels orange track. With its gravity-defying and adrenaline-pumping track designs, it takes players on a wild ride filled with breathtaking stunts and heart-stopping moments.

❤ Collectible Cars: Build and upgrade your collection of Hot Wheels cars in the game. Unlock new vehicles, each with their unique stats and abilities, and customize them to suit your racing style. The more cars you collect and upgrade, the better your chances of dominating the race and outperforming your competitors.

❤ Multiplayer Competition: Challenge your friends and players from around the world in competitive multiplayer mode. Show off your racing skills, prove that you're the fastest Hot Wheels driver, and climb up the global leaderboards. With intense head-to-head races, players can test their limits and enjoy the thrill of victory.

Tips for users:

❤ Is it available for free? Yes, the game is free to download and play. However, it offers optional in-app purchases for players who want to unlock additional cars or boost their progress.

❤ Can I play it offline? Yes, the game can be played offline. Enjoy the adrenaline-pumping racing action anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection.

❤ Are there different game modes within? The game primarily offers a single-player campaign where players can test their skills in various challenges and unlock new content. Additionally, the multiplayer mode allows for competitive racing against other players.


Hot Wheels: Race Off is the ultimate racing game for Hot Wheels enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike. With its fast-paced gameplay, breathtaking stunts, and a wide selection of collectable cars, this game captures the excitement and thrill of racing with Hot Wheels toys. Whether you're competing against friends or challenging the world's best racers in multiplayer mode, Hot Wheels: Race Off guarantees hours of heart-racing action. Download the game today for free and unleash your inner speed demon.