Thai Boxing 21

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Imperium Multimedia Games
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Step into the ring and unleash your fighting prowess in Thai Boxing 21! This brand new fighting game by Imperium Games is bound to keep you hooked for hours. With over 40 legendary fighters from all around the world to choose from, get ready to test your skills against formidable opponents. Punch, kick, block, and deliver super kicks to take down your rivals. But remember, don't rush into it - protect yourself and wait for the perfect moment to unleash your rage and slam everyone in your path! With customizable fighters, various game modes, realistic graphics and sounds, and intuitive touch controls, Thai Boxing 21 delivers an action-packed and gripping kickboxing experience like no other. Don't miss out on this exhilarating game, download it now and dominate the ring!

Features of Thai Boxing 21:

Wide selection of fighters: Choose from over 40 legendary fighters from around the world, including famous names like Tong Po, Van Damm, and Rico Verhoeven.

Various game modes: Play in single-player mode with a split career in Muay Thai and Kickboxing or challenge other players in multiplayer mode with your own customizable fighter.

Quick fights and tournaments: Jump straight into action with quick fights or compete in tournaments to prove your skills and become the ultimate champion.

Engaging missions and challenges: Take on exciting missions and challenges to test your abilities and earn rewards.

Realistic graphics and animations: Immerse yourself in the gripping atmosphere of kickboxing with realistic sounds, graphics, and animations that bring the sport to life.

Intuitive touch controls and character customization: Enjoy easy-to-use touch controls and customize your fighter using a wide range of moves, clothing, abilities, boosts, and more.


Thai Boxing 21 offers an exciting and immersive experience for fans of combat sports. With its wide selection of fighters, engaging game modes, and realistic graphics, this app provides an authentic kickboxing atmosphere. Whether you prefer quick fights or competing in tournaments, there are plenty of options to suit your playstyle. With intuitive touch controls and extensive character customization, you can truly personalize your fighter and showcase your skills in the ring. Don't miss out on this action-packed app - download Thai Boxing 21 now!