Skateboard Party 2

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Skateboard Party 2 takes the exhilarating sport of skateboarding and brings it to your mobile device. With 8 unique locations to explore, you can jump on your board, learn new moves, and improve your skills to land sick combos. Challenge your friends in the new online multiplayer mode or compete against skaters from around the world on the online leaderboards. Unlock new items and locations by completing over 40 achievements in career mode. Practice and perfect your skills in free skate mode without any time constraints. Choose from 9 customizable characters and personalize your gear with real brands. With stunning 3D graphics optimized for mobile devices, Skateboard Party 2 provides the ultimate skateboarding experience.

Features of Skateboard Party 2:

- Skateboard Party 2 offers 8 unique locations for players to ride and explore.

- The game includes next-generation 3D graphics that are optimized for a mobile gaming experience.

- Players can complete over 40 achievements in the career mode to unlock new items and locations.

- The game has a massive selection of customizable gear from real brands such as Powell & Peralta and Bones.

Tips for users:

- Practice in free skate mode to improve your skills without time constraints.

- Follow the tutorial to learn over 40 unique tricks and master different combinations.

- Customize your controls to find the setup that works best for you.

- Play the game regularly to gain experience and upgrade your skater's attributes.


Skateboard Party 2 offers players a fun and immersive skateboarding experience on their mobile devices. With its high-definition graphics, customizable controls, and diverse locations, players can enjoy the thrill of skateboarding anytime, anywhere. The game's career mode, achievements, and customizable gear provide depth and replayability, keeping players engaged and motivated. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skater, Skateboard Party 2 offers a variety of features and playing tips to enhance your skateboarding skills. Download the game now and start shredding!



  • I had so much nostalgia playing this game I remember when I was a little kid and I would play this non stop and playing it again just brought back all that joy 100% would recommend
    2024-06-25 06:11:58
  • Ima be honest this game is HORRIBLE! there's about 2 different tricks and the graphics are terrible. I recommend not getting this game
    2024-06-24 19:33:26
  • Not worth the money or trouble. Don't pay to upgrade because nothing unlocks. Controls suck. Way to touchy.
    2024-06-24 03:59:45
  • I love almost the WHOLE game but too many ads and gangster rap
    2024-06-23 23:31:23
  • its a very good game but i cant do multiplayer, when i click multiplayer it always back home help me pls fix bug or somthin
    2024-06-23 18:42:36
  • Kick ass soundtrack !! You can't land a grind combo to save your life with Fred,though.Great conceptualization...uninstall,install 3.
    2024-06-22 01:09:03