Matchday Manager 23 - Football

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Enter Matchday Manager 23 - Football, the ultimate football management game where you can become the mastermind behind your own club. Assemble a squad of football superstars and take on players from around the world in exclusive live competitions. This game offers a unique and fresh experience unlike any other football manager game out there. Design your own kit, build your stadium, and nurture your players to become the best soccer manager. With multiplayer matches, procedurally-generated landscapes, and the ability to train your players like a pro, it's time to test your football management skills and climb to the top of the league. Are you ready to dominate the world of football?

Features of Matchday Manager 23 - Football:

❤️ Become a Football Manager: Take charge of your own club and become a football manager by assembling a squad of superstars.

❤️ Design and Customize: You can design your own kit, build your own stadium, and nurture your players to improve your team.

❤️ Exclusive Live Competitions: Test your football manager skills against players from around the world in exciting live competitions.

❤️ Real Opponents: Every game matches you against a real opponent, allowing you to fight your way to the top of the league and win promotion.

❤️ Unique Stadium Locations: Each team has procedurally-generated landscapes, ensuring that your stadium is completely unique and every away match is different.

❤️ Multiplayer Matches: Engage in multiplayer matches and make split-second soccer manager decisions as you go head-to-head in exciting live PvP matches.


Matchday Manager 23 - Football is not just another football manager game, but a fresh and unique experience that allows you to truly become a football manager. With the ability to design and customize your own club, compete against real opponents, and take part in exclusive live competitions, this app is a must-have for all football enthusiasts. Train your players, master your tactics, and lead your team to victory in this exciting new football management game. Improve your football management skills and become the best in the world by downloading Matchday Manager 23 now.



  • Stats are meaningless, tactics are non-existent. I guess the "football" in the title refers to the game being pretty much as fun as a kick in the nuts, and the only thing you can manage is to waste your damn time. Don't waste money on this completely random game, you'll have more fun having a colonoscopy, and it'll be cheaper.
    2024-06-17 07:10:01
  • Played for over a month, and final verdict its just a pretty poor simulation of a manager game. Has basic "tactics" that dont really change the game. Teams all end up having the same players, so become very repetitive (ie dull). Much better management sims elsewhere in the store.
    2024-06-15 07:13:51
  • Can't establish the internet connection after last update. Can't claim advetorial rewards as it always error connection. Poor game strategy, poor player statistics. You only may lucky to win the match tho your team is superior than ops. The developer needs to work on it.
    2024-06-14 04:54:28
  • So boring. Seems like they put all their effort into smooth UI transitions and little into making it a fun game. New Star Manager is much more fun sorry. I also came across 2 bugs in the first 5 mins of playing..
    2024-06-14 03:31:04
  • A great concept, very twrrible AI balance . Need to be more realistic, if someone 00fgot red card doesn't play next match, tactics should be more deep. Assign corners, free kicks, penalty, add transfer market option, add youth department, increase loyalty with same team or same nations.
    2024-06-13 16:15:59
  • Playsport always makes awesome games. Love the graphics. Just need better , more realistic gameplay. Love the stadium part ... I can spend ours just finding the perfect location... how bout add naming your stadium? I think this game is near perfection. Its addictive and I'm sure playsport will build on that.
    2024-06-13 04:49:56