Soccer Star 22 Top Leagues

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Soccer Star 22 Top Leagues is an incredible soccer game that allows you to fulfill your dreams of becoming a renowned soccer player. Win over your fans and build your reputation by showcasing your skills on the field. Be careful not to lose the ball though, as your fans will boo you and you'll lose points. Use various techniques like scoring chances and special defense to avoid this. Strengthen your relationship with your teammates to receive more passes and scoring opportunities. Improve your lifestyle by purchasing vehicles, houses, and properties to gain points and increase your reputation. As you progress, the game becomes more challenging, with demanding teammates, fans, and coaches. With amazing graphics and addictive gameplay, Soccer Star 22 Top Leagues is the ultimate soccer gaming experience. Download it now and unleash your soccer prowess!

Features of Soccer Star 22 Top Leagues:

❤️ Become the Best Soccer Player: Soccer Star 22 Top Leagues allows you to build your career and become the best soccer player in the world.

❤️ Win Over Your Fans: Gain a higher reputation by winning over your fans. Avoid losing the ball, as it will result in losing points and being booed by your fans.

❤️ Learn Techniques: Use scoring chances and special defense techniques to avoid losing the ball and score more goals.

❤️ Improve Relationships: Lean on your teammates and improve your relationship with them to receive more passes and scoring chances.

❤️ Lifestyle Upgrades: Improve your lifestyle by purchasing vehicles, houses, and properties in the VIP store. This will increase your reputation and give you more points.

❤️ Compete with Great Players: Play against thousands of teams from the main leagues and compete with great players from around the world.


Soccer Star 22 Top Leagues is an addictive soccer game with great graphics. It offers various features that make it stand out from other soccer games. With the opportunity to become the score hero of the match, build your reputation, and compete with top players, this game provides a unique and exciting experience. Download the game now and feel the thrill of scoring amazing goals and becoming a recognized player in the soccer world.



  • Best game, easy to play and control. I hope this app can update more about challenges. But I am very disappointed about the free gift. I hope for free gift can put rare item. For soccer goal, I hope can reduce to 3 goal because the item which not too good. Please give more free coin such as we share to facebook which treat our Facebook like your ads. Then please fix about connected to Facebook Account. I give 3 start for first time play. I can give 5 start if your team can fix this.
    2024-06-11 23:21:07
  • Its a good game but the skill training tasks tend to have bugy controls and it also feels scripted at some stages. Sometimes you hit a perfect shot but the keeper ora defender just glides qnd stops it. could be better if an effort that was punched out resulted in a corner plus your team mates almost always lose in 50/50 situations.
    2024-06-11 04:08:31
  • It is superb! There are many club choices and nations . But you have to improve graphics and you must include medal award receiving scence etc.i have given it 4 star because even after scoring 50 goals in 40 matches and 80 assists you are not given best player in the club and even if it is given it doesnot give best player in the league . Please clear the glitch
    2024-06-11 03:06:56
  • The idea of the game isn't bad even though the game has got a lot of failures such as the defence and goalkeeper, really unbelievable. Also there something that is so disappointed, for example: if you have a chance to shot but the keeper saves it but it's a corner, the game take as a chance lost, really disappointing.
    2024-06-10 21:32:34
  • In the first few games it's fun and all but later on into the game it becomes impossible to score, pass or even play the game,mainly because the game is too hard to a point were , when you pass your teammates they run away from the ball and the opponent fetches it instead, and it doesn't help that the health u need to play matches takes Ages to refill,honestly I wouldn't recommend the game , it's extremely frustrating please improve the gameplay and the health system , otherwise this is terrible
    2024-06-10 12:51:27
  • Please allow us to control our team, allow us to dash the ball to goal even when using another teammate,allow us to play the full match no commentary waiting,allow us that when the opponent carry the ball that we tap on a teammate and that teammate trys to tackle and get the ball back,allow us to be able to dribble, allow us to use goalkeeper to goalkeep the ball then we can use that tap at perfect moment. Thank you if you don't understand I'll send you a video to your email
    2024-06-09 16:12:35