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In Online Soccer Manager (OSM), you have the power to lead your favorite football team to victory! Dive into the exciting world of football management with this immersive and authentic game. Choose from top leagues like Serie A and Premier League, and guide iconic clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona to success. Make strategic decisions about formations, line-ups, tactics, and player transfers to ensure your team performs at its best. Challenge your friends in the same league and experience the thrill of competing against each other. With realistic visuals and exciting match simulations, OSM offers the ultimate football management experience. Compete with over 50 million players worldwide and show off your managerial skills on the global stage. Available in 30 different languages, OSM is free to download and play, with the option to purchase in-game items for added excitement.

Features of OSM:

* Authentic Football Experience: The app offers all real and authentic football leagues, clubs, and players from around the globe, giving you an immersive football manager experience.

* Choose Your Favorite Club: Take the reins of your favorite football team by signing with prestigious clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, and more from leagues like Serie A, Premier League, Primera Division, and others.

* Strategic Gameplay: Strategize your formation, line-up, and tactics to outwit your opponents and lead your team to victory.

* Player Transfers and Scouting: Navigate the transfer list to acquire new talents for your team and sell players to strengthen your squad. Utilize the scout feature to uncover rising stars or established legends.

* Training Sessions: Nurture your players' skills through rigorous training sessions and improve their performance on the field.

* Compete Globally: Face off against football managers from across the globe, with over 50 million players worldwide. Challenge your friends in the same league and experience the thrill of fierce friend competitions.


Online Soccer Manager (OSM) is a must-have app for football enthusiasts who want an authentic and immersive football management experience. With its wide range of features, including authentic football leagues, prestigious clubs, strategic gameplay, player transfers, training sessions, and global competitions, this app offers hours of exciting gameplay. Download now and showcase your managerial skills to become the ultimate football manager!



  • A good game, but i would like to choose the players from internationaly when i sign for example in euro 2020 Now this is my review from 2024, since that was from 2021: too many ads, I can t do anything without getting an comercial and it is very annoying
    2024-06-10 14:20:25
  • Really amazing game. If possible, please add an contract option as a Manager when signed in for a club.
    2024-06-10 12:21:09
  • excellent game,you should just improve the scout work,but it's a magnificent game
    2024-06-09 23:31:42
  • only three stars because a person have to wait very long for a game that a big problem but it's extremely exciting to play
    2024-06-09 15:52:07
  • Remove that match preparation stuff, maybe because of that the game has become really really slow, it affecting the results of my clubs matches
    2024-06-09 09:36:55
  • Uninstalled after losing to a -13 overall cpu team with all the tactics on point and the best players in (first L after like 20 games). Tactics in general are dumb and don't reflect in any way reality, it doesn't really matters how you make your team play, there are just a couple parameters you have to check to win (almost...) every match. Player growth is unbalanced and there are ads everywhere. Came back after a couple years remembering a fun game and I can easily say everything got worse.
    2024-06-08 09:29:19