Infinity 8 Ball™ Pool King

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Are you tired of playing boring pool games with unfair rules? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Introducing Infinity 8 Ball™ Pool King - the ultimate pool game that will revolutionize your gaming experience. Say goodbye to shooting against a ruler and hello to easier aiming and more pot chances. Our game provides a true physical experience with authentic shots, simulating the force, direction, collision, spin, and lighting just like in the real world. Upgrade your gear and compete in our exciting Challenge mode with special tables, scoring rules, and exclusive prizes. Join the global PvP and improve your skills by playing against well-matched players. Don't miss out on all the fun. Download Infinity 8 Ball™ Pool King now!

Features of Infinity 8 Ball™ Pool King:

> Refreshing gameplay experience: Infinity 8 Ball™ Pool King offers a fresh and different experience for players of 8-ball, 9-ball, and snooker. Say goodbye to boring games with cheating and unappealing rules.

> Easier aiming and more pot chances: Unlike other pool games, Infinity 8 Ball™ Pool King provides easier aiming with a longer target line, adjustable angles, and precise power control. Even beginners can make amazing shots and have fun.

> Authentic and realistic shots: The app simulates hitting a real billiard ball, ensuring that elements such as force, direction, collision, spin, and lighting are accurately replicated. Enjoy a true physical experience while playing pool on your phone.

> Constant gear upgrades: To become an excellent player, constant gear upgrades are necessary. Earn coins and chests as you play to upgrade your cue and props, allowing you to compete in various scenarios and different rule sets.

> Exciting Challenge mode: In addition to regular games, it offers a more thrilling Challenge mode with special-shaped tables, unique scoring rules, one-shot challenges, and special events. Participate in the 24/7 exciting challenge and climb the global rankings for a chance to win exclusive prizes.

> 24-hour global player versus player matches: Improve your skills by facing well-matched opponents from around the world. Infinity 8 Ball™ Pool King utilizes a matching algorithm to find the best opponents for you, helping you progress in competitions and enhance your gameplay.


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  • Great game but I wish the people running these games would avoid the deceitful and/or buggy ads which have multiple exit pages and worse, keep popping up AFTER you exit! I've had to completely shut the game down to be able to play again
    2024-05-11 16:18:34
  • Didn't even play, searched f2p pool games and this was suggested. Was prompted to buy 3 different 4.99 packs and also watched 2 ads before ever getting to play a round of pool. If gameplay is the reason you downloaded this, be prepared for absolute and immediate abysmal disappointment
    2024-05-11 12:04:04
  • If you like to play pool... then yea it's an ok game. But having to wait 3 to 12 hours to open chests.. waaay to long. If it was just play win coins and pay for better equipment it would be way better. I had to look for reasons just to give 3 stars l..
    2024-05-11 04:13:30
  • This is my favorite game! I play it everyday, several times throughout the day, I like how inexpensive the some of the upgrades are, and I enjoy all the different challenges that you have to choose from
    2024-05-11 02:29:19
  • would be a 5 star rating except for the unfortunate feature that allows accidental premature shooting when you try to shoot from the right side of the table. love the game, otherwise.
    2024-05-11 00:24:02
  • This is a good game and I like it overall. However I don't understand most of the challenges or games within the game. I wish there were instructions or something to explain these extra things. Overall, I just tried to figure out how to play basic pool because I don't even know what all the rest of it is about.
    2024-05-09 16:59:34