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Fantalegends is a multi-competition Fantasy Football app that challenges your skills as a fantasy coach, eliminating breaks and increasing the difficulty. You can play with Serie A and Champions League teams. The app calculates player scores based on a proprietary algorithm that considers over 50 parameters to assess their performance on the field. With Fantalegends' strategic bench, having players on the field who don't perform well is a thing of the past. The app also offers multiple game formats, including classic, draft, singleton, and more. Events are always happening, so you don't have to worry about missing out on competitions. With 14 real roles and 11 different modules, it's nearly impossible to encounter an opponent with the exact same lineup. You can even play in the exclusive RetroDraft mode during the off-season to compete and earn valuable resources. Click here to download Fantalegends and test your skills as a fantasy football manager!

Features of the app:

- Multi-competition Fantasy Football: The app allows you to play in multiple competitions, including Serie A and Champions League. This adds variety and excitement to the gameplay.

- Custom Evaluation Algorithm: The app uses a proprietary algorithm that takes into account more than 50 parameters to calculate the player's points. This ensures a comprehensive and accurate evaluation of player performance.

- Strategic Bench: With the strategic bench feature, it will be almost impossible to have zero points on the field. The app rewards the minutes played by the five least used starting players, allowing for strategic substitutions like in real football.

- Multiple Game Modes: The app offers three different game modes - classic, draft, and singleton. This provides a wide range of gameplay options, multiplying the fun and keeping users engaged.

- Continuous Events: Users don't have to worry about missing out on events during holidays or celebrations. The app rewards consistent participation over a long period and encourages users to strive to become the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T).

- Real Roles and Formations: The app offers 14 different formations and 11 distinct roles, including multi-role cards. This ensures that it is nearly impossible to encounter an opponent with the exact same formation, adding a strategic aspect to the game.


Fantalegends is a feature-rich Fantasy Football app that appeals to football enthusiasts. With its multiple competitions, custom evaluation algorithm, strategic bench, diverse game modes, continuous events, and realistic roles and formations, the app offers a unique and exciting experience. Users will be attracted to the app's engaging features and easy-to-read content, making them more likely to click and download.