Smashing Baseball

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Welcome to the super realistic world of baseball games. Play the most realistic, fast-paced, full 3D mobile baseball game, with motion-captured animations and realistic graphics. Play a variety of hits and smash the baseball to all parts of the park, including homeruns and grandslams. Power your way to a mammoth points tally and become a baseball superstar this season. Compete in single-player and infinite batting modes to achieve high scores and compare yourself on leaderboards. Experience realistic physics and gameplay with our proprietary algorithm for bat-ball collision detection. Watch your shots in mesmerizing super slow motion and see close-ups of the ball hitting the bat at extremely low replay speeds. Choose from many camera angles and enjoy flawless bat-ball contact. Compete in tournaments and aim to win the World Baseball Championship Cups. Choose your home country from a list of 30+ baseball playing nations and beat all countries to win the championships. Enjoy easy and accurate hitting and pitching controls, play with friends, and challenge them to beat your high score. Get some hitting practice, work on your timing, and pick the right shots to score big. Progress is periodically backed up on our servers to ensure that you can restore your progress if you change your device. Play offline or with an active internet connection to progress faster by watching rewarded ads. Our games are designed to ensure your battery doesn't drain rapidly and your device doesn't overheat. Create private leaderboards and run your own competitions. Download and play for free without having to spend any real money.

Features of this app:

- Singleplayer/Infinite Battling Mode: This feature allows players to continuously hit the ball and beat their previous high scores. They can also compete with friends and other players on leaderboards.

- Realistic Physics & Gameplay: The app boasts a proprietary algorithm for bat-ball collision detection, providing a realistic feel for all shots. Motion-captured animations further enhance the immersive experience.

- Super Slow Motion: Players can watch their shots in mesmerizing super slow motion, allowing them to see the ball hitting the middle of the bat. Replays can be viewed at extremely low speeds, providing a close-up view of the bat-ball contact.

- Tournament/World Baseball Championship/World Cup: Users can choose their home country from a list of 30+ baseball-playing nations and compete in various championships. They need to perform well to reach the top and beat all countries in different innings.

- Easy & Accurate Hitting & Pitching Controls: The app offers intuitive controls, allowing players to strike the ball with millisecond accuracy. The unique quantized homerect control enables effortless pitching.

- Play with Friends: Players can challenge their friends to beat their high scores and view their friends' top scores. They can also share their stats on Facebook.


This baseball game app offers a realistic and immersive experience with its advanced physics, motion-captured animations, and super slow motion feature. It provides various game modes, including a singleplayer/infinite batting mode and tournaments/championships. The easy and accurate controls make it accessible to all users, and the option to play with friends adds a competitive element. With progress backup, offline play, and battery optimization, the app ensures a seamless gaming experience. Overall, this app is highly appealing to baseball enthusiasts and is worth downloading for a fun and realistic baseball gameplay.