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Looking to get a fast and intense workout from the comfort of your own home? Look no further than Stealth, the app that allows you to play action-packed games on your phone for just 3 minutes per day. Pair these games with innovative Stealth Fitness products for the ultimate workout experience. Twist, tilt, and glide your way to a leaner and stronger waistline with the core workout, or transform boring squats into a fun and motivating experience with the Stealth Squat trainer. With the app, you can transform your living room into immersive arcade worlds and track your progress in real-time. Download the Stealth Fitness app today and start gaming your way to a healthier you in just 3 minutes per day!

Features of this App:

- Fast and Fun Workouts: Users can sneak in high-intensity workouts in just 3 minutes per day from the comfort of their home by playing action-packed games on their phone.

- Innovative Fitness Products: The app can be paired with innovative Stealth Fitness products for the ultimate workout experience.

- Core and Lower Body Workouts: Users can work on their core by twisting, tilting, and gliding their way to a leaner and stronger waistline. The Stealth Squat trainer transforms boring squats into a super-pumped gamified experience for the lower body.

- Dynamic Workouts: Stealth Fitness products seamlessly transform boring exercises into dynamic workouts by using the body as the game controller.

- Immersive Arcade Worlds: Users can transform their living room into immersive arcade worlds and engage in games like Galaxy Adventure, FitMan, BeatBox, and ToughRunner.

- Real-Time Tracking: The app allows users to track their workouts daily and see real-time progress, with live tracking providing up-to-the-moment historical scoring across all games.


The Stealth Fitness App offers a fast, fun, and convenient way for users to incorporate high-intensity workouts into their daily routine. The app's innovative fitness products and dynamic workouts make exercising engaging and motivating. With a variety of immersive games and real-time tracking, users can customize their fitness journey and compete with friends and other users worldwide. By gamifying fitness, the app aims to make staying active enjoyable and accessible to all. Download the Stealth Fitness app today to game your way to a leaner and healthier core and sculpted legs in just 3 minutes per day.



  • I'll be completely honest: the Stealth Fitness board usually sits in the corner of my room collecting dust. But that's simply because I'm a slacker, not because it doesn't work. It DOES. I feel it every single time I play any one of these games and during the 2 months I did use it regularly I saw the change in my body clearly. I felt it too. It's not for anyone looking to rapidly build muscle but for those who want a fun way to work the muscle groups that make up your core this is it.
    2024-04-03 18:42:51
  • Super fun and super results. Planking is an awesome exercise form especially for me at my age, 65, gives core focused exercise as a beginner and will branch out from there as i progress. I also feel and see it in my upper arms. The games make it fun and give you a full range of motion. Genius idea.
    2024-04-02 20:15:21
  • Por quality app, constantly trying to sell you things. The instruction videos have the absolute worst voice over that is robotic and extremely choppy. Basically not probably one of the worst design apps I've ever seen. I'm so glad I didn't actually buy the board and only downloaded the app to check it out. Don't waste your time
    2024-04-02 14:33:12
  • This "rate me" request is pretty annoying. Pops up while I'm trying to stop the game with one hand while balancing with the opposite arm. I've been using it 2 days and already they want to know what I think of it. I might have given it 5 stars, except for that. It's like a restaurant asking how was your dinner and you just started eating. The actual trainer board needs pegs as handles to hold onto, instead of only the edges. And an easier way to end the game, maybe a pushbutton in a handle.
    2024-03-31 16:50:09
  • Highly disappointed!!!! Didn't work right with the last 3 Android software updates. I just upgraded my phone to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and now all I get is a blank white screen. I see in previous reviews that the company wants us to email them directly. How is this going to fix the problem? How about this.... FIX THE APP!!! There is alot of people out here who paid good money for your product. You owe it to us to maintain it so it works properly!!!
    2024-03-31 08:10:09
  • Just got my stealth core trainer yesterday. Was excited to use it so I downloaded this app right away. The app is unusable. Extremely unstable. It works maybe 1 out of every 5 times I launch it but still eventually crashes. I've only managed to get 1 stable workout out of it and it still crashed immediately after workout was done. I don't have a new phone but it's not ancient either. Disappointed and considering returning my trainer since the app is the whole point of it.
    2024-03-31 02:02:38