Riptide GP2

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Riptide GP2 is an exhilarating water racing game that offers a unique racing experience with its concept of jetski racing. With its innovative gameplay and various game modes, players can enjoy intense and competitive races in different environments. The game features customizable jetskis, allowing players to enhance their performance and show off their skills in impressive races. Additionally, players can challenge other players in fierce battles and complete quests and challenges to earn rewards and progress further in the game. With its thrilling gameplay and engaging features, Riptide GP2 is a must-download for racing game enthusiasts.

Features of this App:

- Intense and bustling water racing gameplay: The app offers a fast-paced and exciting atmosphere for players to have intense competitive experiences. They can use custom jetskis to compete with others and showcase their skills in impressive races.

- Various fascinating game modes and activities: The app provides diverse game modes, each with its own rules and additional content, keeping the gameplay mobile and exciting. The rewards system in each mode is also rich and generous, encouraging players to participate in new activities.

- Customize the jetskis with magnificent performances: Players have the option to customize their jetskis to enhance their performance and experience in every race. The upgrades system allows players to transfer enhancements to other jetskis, while the skins are separate achievements to unlock.

- Challenge other players in fierce custom battles: Players can challenge other players to earn more achievement points or matching bonuses. The app allows players to freely customize the difficulty and appearance of obstacles, making the races more stimulating. The challenger rewards can also be decided by the participants, adding excitement to the game.

- Complete tremendous quests and challenges: The app offers additional content in the form of quests and challenges, providing a steady source of income for players. The rewards value is diverse and based on various factors, motivating players to complete tasks to receive premium rewards. The content of quests and challenges expands based on player progress, allowing for new potential to be conquered.


RiptideGP2 is a thrilling water racing game that stands out with its unique concept of jetski racing. The game offers intense and competitive gameplay, diverse game modes, and rewarding customization options. The ability to challenge other players and complete quests adds to the overall excitement and depth of the game. With its attractive features and immersive experience, RiptideGP2 is a must-have for racing game enthusiasts.



  • its fun and easy to play and skills are very nice
    2024-04-08 10:41:09
  • It's a great game that has a lot to offer just for $2.99! Easily a $9.99 value game I would say! However, this game was indeed built for much older Android OS versions so a few or even some features may not function as intended. I am using an Android 9 and everything works for me (highest graphics possible in-game) except for the online multiplayer for me sadly. It's probably my account's function or some sort. If you want something more modern, try Riptide GP: Renegade! It's a few years old.
    2024-04-05 14:52:21
  • Simply put this game has been challenging me, enough to make me sit for hours just to get 3 stars on a level. It's exciting and fun and you can definitely see your skills progressing the more you play. Great graphics, believable physics and reasonable costs if you grind long and hard enough, 10/10 game in my opinion. By the way, I stumbled on this game during its free 10 anniversary period, which is great because I wouldn't be able to buy it otherwise.
    2024-04-05 13:05:26
  • This is the best game I have so far... The graphics especially the physics behind the realistic of the water is so amazing... Truth be told this game is worth time spending
    2024-04-04 05:15:19
  • its a nice game good graphics but the i have an issue with my controls thats why am giving it 4 stars
    2024-04-03 21:03:59
  • Lagging and get srtuck while ads palying and i loose my winning coins also. please check and do the needful.
    2024-04-03 19:57:15