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Looking for a high-speed racing game combined with the thrill of skateboarding? Look no further than Turbo Stars - Rival Racing! Race on exciting tracks, collect coins, and overcome obstacles as you compete against other players. Show off your racing skills and become the first racer by challenging yourself and utilizing high velocity and speed. With lovable characters and fantastic stages, this addictive game will keep you engaged as you strategize to defeat opponents and unlock hidden items. Customize your character with emotes, skins, and tricks, and enjoy the game with its sound effects and dynamic game locations. Click now to download Turbo Stars and start your adrenaline-filled racing adventure!

Features of this App:

- High-Speed Racing Gameplay: Participate in challenging competitive skateboarding races on various tracks and show off your racing skills to the world. Race at high speeds, collect coins, and clear obstacles to win.

- Victory: Unlock new tracks, earn rubies, and wear the crown by finishing first in each race.

- Collections: Collect coins and keys while racing to unlock hidden items in the game.

- Grabbing: Gain an advantage over your opponents by using helpful items such as magnets to attract more coins, spinning sword protectors, or lightning bolts that strike the track.

- Customization: Customize your character with a variety of emotes, cool skins, and tricks.

- Enjoyable Gameplay Experience: With exciting sound effects and visually appealing game locations, this skateboard racing game offers an addictive and fun gaming experience.


TurboStars-Rival Racing is an innovative and addictive racing game that offers high-speed skateboarding races with exciting gameplay features. By participating in challenging races, collecting coins and keys, and defeating opponents, players can unlock new tracks and customize their characters. The game's appealing visuals and sound effects make for an enjoyable gaming experience. Click the download button now and challenge yourself in this thrilling skateboard racing game!



  • This is a great app. as you can see it have so many levels,and you can earn coins and diamonds,it have many skateboards and skins and you can change your name! Love this app i hope this Turbo game have a version 2 or part 2 like it's prettier and more realistic than the 1st Turbo app,That is what i want to say!
    2024-04-02 17:20:28
  • Love the app BUT I have 2 problem with it that's why I rated 3 stars... The problems are whenever I have an ad and I skip it about 2 more ads come up.. I think it's uncessary to put that many ads on your game after 1 ad plays... The other problem is when your controlling the skateboard it's really hard to control it. Other than the problems I love the app.
    2024-04-02 06:06:27
  • I love the game. The game itself is generally good but I do have some issues. The game has way to many advertisements than needed and some that take too long until you can skip. The other reason is that the levels of the game is unbelievably short. Other than that well done for the amazing game and would you be able to make the changes to the game.
    2024-04-02 00:20:57
  • Its a fun game but whenever i beat a level it gives me the option to watch a ad and get 10% more for the rewards and stuff. But if i press no thanks, it makes me watch the ad anyways. And it doesnt even give me 10% more. So plz make the no thanks button more far away from the watch ad button. And fix the bug that doesnt give you the reward even if you watch a ad. Thanks.
    2024-03-31 06:22:57
  • It's a very cool game especially if youre a Need For Speed or Xgames type of guy. However, the ONLY reason for no 5 star rating.. it gives you an option to watch a video for extra coins, I always press the no thanks button, but the app will show you the video anyway. No means no, or why bother to ask, not cool.... Never interrupt a hyperactive game or gamer while gaming hyperactivly. Ever pause need for speed, how'd that work for you?
    2024-03-31 02:34:49
  • Forces you to consent to harvesting your personal information to play. Says you can opt-out from the menu, but you really can't. Also bugs you to rate it within 30 seconds of playing. Just annoying in all the ways it can be. Not worth it.
    2024-03-31 00:43:38